Halls omnishambles sees freshers offered showers on campus

Residents of Ifor Evans and Max Rayne must travel 2 miles for the luxury of warm water


The UCLU Welfare officer has told the 500 residents at Max Rayne and Ifor Evans Halls without hot water that Bloomsbury Gym facilities are available if they want to shower. 

Stroll out of your bed to the shower 2 miles away

Freshers can stroll from bed to shower 2 miles away

The Camden halls have been without heating or hot water since last Friday and have recently been accused of other failures including ‘appalling’ disability access and a cockroach infestation.

On Monday afternoon the union’s Welfare and International Officer Leah Francis wrote a blogpost explaining Bloomsbury Fitness had agreed to let students affected by the hot water crisis use its showers.

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UCL Residences have been asked to compensate freshers

“Two days without heating and without hot water is unacceptable…particularly when the rent is so high.

“I have approached UCL residences to ensure they are compensating the residences of the halls for the hardship they have experienced.

Moreover I have contacted the UCLU team member responsible for Bloomsbury Fitness and he has agreed to let students affected by this use the showers at Bloomsbury Fitness until the matter is resolved.”

The halls have been without warm water for 72 hours

The halls have been without warm water for 72 hours

The latest episode in the accommodation omnishambles means residents have to travel 2 miles for the luxury of a warm shower. The cost of a journey between the halls and UCL is £2.80 on an Oyster card.

A bumbling Halls manager said work had only begun today to fix the boiler, which is “aged” and “problematic to source”.

“We haven’t got a timeline yet, but I will keep you updated as I find out more.”

Accommodation representative David Dahlborn told the Tab: “I made sure that it happened. It’s great that the union is here to help students.

“It’s our job to be there for students when they are let down, and to fight their corner when their interests are opposed to those of management”.