Furious freshers demand action from disgraceful cockroach infested halls

Damning letter levels sensational criticism at Ifor Evans and Max Rayne halls


Halls reps have sent a stinging letter to UCL Residences detailing the shameful state of rooms and demanding instant improvement to the Camden accommodation.


The letter was sent this morning and comes off the back of an emergency assembly last Thursday.

It alleges fuming freshers have repeatedly complained of a cockroach infestation, “appalling disabled access” and “inappropriate comments” made by contracted workers.

At the meeting, residents unanimously voted to forward the complaints to UCL Residences.

Ifor Evans have refused to comment over the letter and its damning contents.

halls assembly

The damning complaints were backed by all students at last week’s meeting

Halls representatives Maisie Harrison and David Dahlborn penned the letter sent today, which centres on demands summarised as RENTS:

“Reverse the rent hike, Equal standards, No unjust fines, Transparency in Spending and Sustainable investment for students”.

It also claims that Ifor Evans residents had no hot water or heating this weekend and that the condition of halls is so dire that the complaints go far beyond “this is not as a lovely as my room at home” – but instead concern the welfare of all students.

It goes on to claim: “You may have worries about your studies, financial concerns, problems with relationships, difficulties adapting to life here or simply miss your family and friends from back home.

“Students do not need to be worrying about cockroaches alongside familiarising themselves with a different culture in a new city.”

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Harrison and Dahlborn allege that many rooms lack basic furniture and desks – and that the halls should provide “reimbursement for facilities not being what was promised”.

The halls representatives say problems including toilets that are “falling apart” and the “year on year” complaint of cockroaches are inadequately dealt with or simply ignored.

They even claim that disabled access is “appalling”, with drop curbs and lift access to floors callously overlooked.

Cockroaches have been a problem at Ifor for years

Cockroaches have been a problem at Max Rayne for years

The list of failures listed in the shocking letter goes on.

It alleges “There have also been complaints of female students receiving inappropriate comments from sub-contracted staff.

“UCL Residences should work with the UCLU Liberation Officers to implement and maintain a ‘safe spaces’ policy across all accommodation so that students can feel secure in and around the buildings which are their home.”

Dahlborn in his element

Halls rep Dahlborn says halls should reimburse students

Dahlborn claims that responsibility for Ifor Evans’ conditions lies with UCL Residences and not local halls workers, who he alleges are themselves squeezed by relentless wage cuts.

He also alleges this weekend’s cold water fiasco would have been “entirely preventable had the university made proper investments in maintenance”.