Controversial doomsayer predicts WW3 in UCL talk

Dr Laskiewicz is already banned from speaking at KCL

Last night controversial Polish author Dr Marek Laskiewicz spoke at UCL about the imminent annihilation of London and World War Three, which he said had already begun.


Laskiewicz present the unlucky audience his crackpot views

An audience of just two students turned up to hear the author, whose apocalyptic works have seen him banned by the university’s School of Eastern European Studies and also Strand Polytechnic (officially King’s College London).

Laskiewicz predicts strategic nuclear missiles will be unleashed on the Capital within the next decade and that Russia will soon take over Western Europe.

The self-accredited academic – educated at elite London boys’ school Habedashers’ Aske’s – gave a whistle stop tour of his other widely disputed views.

He claims the regime of “early Hitler” Vladimir Putin will ripple across Europe unless his “theories” see the light of day” and that ISIS’ expansion represents a “test run” for Russia and China in the opening chapter of World War Three.

The atmosphere was intimate

The atmosphere was intimate

Laskiewicz’ also predicts his native Poland as the playground for the initial phases of this war and says his motherland will soon “cease to exist”.

The worrywart has received a historically hostile reception from London universities for his messianic views: “When you’ve been threatened with law suits, it’s kind of exciting”.

Though Strand Poly and Queen Mary gave Laskiewicz the cold shoulder, he managed to book an intimate room in the Robert’s Engineering Building. 

Space was not an issue as his ramblings fell on but two sets of ears.

Laskiewicz is undeterred in his quest to enlighten the masses but readily admits “no one wants to come, no one wants to know”.

The lucky audience was peppered with saliva at times

The lucky audience was peppered with saliva at times

His lecture series does not end here and will continue in various locations in London, including a possible reappearance at UCL.

Laskiewicz recently published his new book ‘Russia WW3? From a Ukraine Crisis or Elsewhere in the Future, World War 3 May Yet Arise’.

The book is available here on Amazon and from his very own publishing house, Krezenwic Limited.