Confusion as ‘scab ULU’ remove Holocaust memorial plaque without explanation

Students recently noticed its disappearance


A memorial to victims of the Holocaust was removed without explanation this week from the entrance to Student Central (formerly ULU).

Fears quickly emerged that heartless bosses at the University of London were trying to airbrush the building’s political past in the aftermath of its closure at the end of July.

ULU's Holocaust memorial

ULU’s Holocaust memorial

The plaque was dedicated by ULU and the government body responsible for Holocaust Memorial Day in 2005, and quotes former Chief Rabbi and Strand Poly lecturer Lord Jonathan Sacks.

Its inscription read: “May we use this day not only to remember the horrors of our past but also to celebrate our diversity and freedom of expression of our individual uniqueness.”

UCLU Halls and Accommodation Representative David Dahlborn – a Jewish Studies second year – flagged up the plaque’s removal from “scab ULU” on Facebook yesterday.

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Concerned Dahlborn posted this photo yesterday

Despite continued requests for information, Student Central left concerned students in the dark for over 24 hours – and still hasn’t released a statement clarifying the matter.

Speaking to The Tab, a confused member of staff said “that’s the first of I’ve heard of it” when asked about the plaque’s disappearance.

In a statement, The Holocaust Memorial Day Trust said: “We are anxious to learn why this has happened.”

“Commemoration of Holocaust Memorial Day is a responsibility for us all.”

“The Holocaust was a unique, industrial, and systematic attempt to eliminate an entire race: it must have a permanent place in our collective memory.”

“Holocaust Memorial Day commemorates the Holocaust, all forms of Nazi Persecution; and the subsequent genocides in Cambodia, Rwanda, Bosnia and Darfur.”


Meanwhile, UCL Jewish Society President Elliot Miller called the incident “disappointing and troubling” – and complained that “staff seemed indifferent to what happened when we got in touch”.

It today emerged that the plaque has been removed for up to a month while the entrance to Student Central undergoes a facelift.

However, Student Central have yet to state this publicly…doing little to assuage the fears of concerned students across campus.

It is unknown when exactly the plaque will return.