Taxi smashes into Cruciform Building

A silver saloon car speeds away as black cab smashes into UCL Medical School

A black cab has crashed into UCL’s Cruciform Building causing severe damage.

The bust up took place around 5pm at the intersection of Gower Street and Grafton Way.

The driver and his passengers fortunately escaped without serious injury, although a pedestrian was almost hit as the taxi unexpectedly swerved into the building.


A silver saloon car reportedly sped away after the crash with a large dent in its front right door due to the collision.

Medical students observed the taxi was marked with the initials‘LTI’, an acronym for the vehicle’s manufacturer which incidentally resembled the name of the lecture theatre it ploughed into.

Within minutes an ambulance arrived at the scene from University College Hospital – located approximately 3 metres away.

The driver was left completely unscathed but both passengers looked dazed. One male passenger was checked for concussion by paramedics.


Police arrived shortly after, with a crowd of at least 30 people congregating outside the Cruciform.

A pedestrian who witnessed the crash said: “It was a silver saloon, a nice one like Merc or BMW…the car sort of stopped for a second then just drove off”.

Meanwhile a 2nd year Medic who witnessed the aftermath of the crash said: “It was all quite shocking. My first concern was for the drivers safety because the damage to the car and to the building looked quite grizzly but I was quite relieved to find out that everyone was okay.

“Not an ideal end to a hard day of lectures to say the least”.


Emergency services declined to comment.

More to follow