SHAFTED: Freshers left trapped in Ramsay lift for over half an hour

Late night nightmare left Ramsay inmates trapped in tiny lift


Five Ramsay residents were left trapped in a lift shaft for over half an hour around midnight last night.

The three girls and two boys inside weighed less than the 600kg weight restriction, but the lift still stopped between New York’s first and second floor.

The helpless students pressed the lift’s emergency button which sounded the alarm but failed to alert Ramsay staff to their desperate situation.


Just chilling…in a lift.

The group of Ramsay inmates waited for over ten minutes and eventually rang friends on a night out, who rushed back to the Maple Street digs to help.

The group tried and failed to open the lift doors, however, leaving Ramsay warden, Terry, to assist the Freshers in escaping.

The local legend had only caught wind of the situation fifteen minutes in and rushed up with a lift key to open the doors of the second floor entrance.

The five unlucky freshers were only able to escape when their savior Terry turned off the power supply and had another student prise open the doors.

One of the boys stuck in the lift, first-year Medic Finn O’Malley, claimed: “The girls kept on trying to make us take our clothes off to cool down” but offered no further comment. 

A student was forced to hold open the de-electrified doors.

A student was forced to hold open the doors.

Things turned sour between the trapped students and their Terry after he found they had climbed out and began dancing and shouting across the corridor, reprimanding them with a cautionary tale about another student who had become trapped inside the fateful Ramsay lift shaft and lost their fingers trying to force the doors open.

Ramsay reception told us: “Well it’s being fixed now, so if everyone is alright then it’s not really a big deal”.