Pucker up, guys: UCL students in Sun’s ‘First Kiss’ video

Undergrads snog for Tabloid

Two UCL freshers have participated in the Sun’s recreation of viral video ‘First Kiss’.

The original video has amassed 59 million views in less than a week and features several pairs of paid actors sharing a kiss for the first time.

On Friday, the Sun recreated the viral stunt using ‘real strangers’, opening the door for randy UCL freshers Gabriel Barr and Dafydd Sinden.

Mr. Barr, an Economics and Geography student, offered his lips for 15 minute’s of fame and a tidy £100 paycheque.

Fame: Barr and his blue eyed beau sharing a moment of visceral intensity

Fame: Barr and his blue eyed beau sharing a moment of visceral intensity

He features at centre stage of a double page spread in Saturday’s edition of the Sun, which has an average circulation of 2.4 million copies, stooped over Kathryn Butterfield, a 23 year-old working in advertising.

The Sun has published a full video of the pair’s intimate exchange, which can be found here.

After engaging in the reportedly wet, 15-second kiss, Kathryn remarked ‘I wanted to be polite and introduce myself – he went straight for the kiss’.

Speaking to the London Tab, Barr quipped: ‘she can save the small talk for later’. Unfortunately, his partner slipped away without exchanging numbers.

Barr, 20, of Norwich, denied allegations of any romantic connection with his partner. The couple features alongside advice on How to Give the Perfect Snog. 

Thinking it may have been some harmless fun, Barr received a stern text from his father – who commented on the dismay of seeing his ‘son in the Sun’.

Mr. Sinden was unavailable for comment.

For all parties, however, the event proved a far cry from the anonymous Monday night Moonies smooch.

A moment of heat between Barr and his blue eyed beau

A moment of heat as the couple tongue tussle on camera