The Fashion London Punderground

WARNING: Fashion-related puns ahead, and one spurious and disturbing use of a hashtag

Fashion map puns tube underground

Grown tired of the distinctly unglamorous London Underground map? Never fear – the canny fashionistas over at have given the mess of clashing colours a monumental makeover by renaming all the Tube stops after a slew of sartorial symbols.


Even the Tube lines got their own individual branding

Even the Tube lines got their own individual branding

The frequented UCL student favourites have particularly fab names – Warren Street turns into Gemma Warden Street, Euston Square becomes Liu Wenston Square, Goodge Street morphs into Jimmy Choo-dge Street, Tottenham Court Road is revamped into Tote-nham Court Road, and the usually alternative Camden Town is woven into the everyday functionality of Camdenim Town.

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Check out Tyra Bank! #smize

Following this model (aha!), we could rename some of UCL’s very own landmarks after style icons – what about The Court becoming The Court Shoe, The Print Room Café turning into The Houndstooth Print Café, or the Cruciform building being known as The Cruciformichetti building?!

It’s a shame that no matter how spectacularly you rename London’s grey old Tube stations, you’re probably still more than likely to resurface from the Underground looking like a dishevelled/sweaty/hungover/windblown hot mess. Tube travel is just so not chic.