Can UCLU Women’s Rugby continue our winning tradition against King’s at the London Rugby Varsity?

UCLU Women’s Rugby has never, ever lost against KCLSU Women’s Rugby. Can this year’s Varsity squad uphold that honour tomorrow evening? No pressure at all… *gulp*

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Tomorrow at 5pm, UCLU and KCLSU Women’s Rugby will face each other on Saracens home pitch, Allianz Park, in the biggest grudge match of the season.

UCLU Women’s Rugby started the season with more than half the team being completely new to rugby, many of whom having never touched/seen a rugby ball before. With Term 2 drawing to a close, we’re better and more knowledgeable of the game than ever.

Before Christmas, the two sides played against each other and the score stood at 0-0 at full time. Yes, this happens in rugby, albeit very rarely. We were in possession most of the time, but were constantly held up over the try line by a determined King’s side.

After a rough patch at the start of the season and relegation fears, we end the BUCS season at 3rd in South Eastern 1A. Meanwhile, Strand Poly are 4th in BUCS South Eastern 2A with one game left in this league.

The Women’s fixture tomorrow at 5pm will be a show of intense rivalry and passion. Both sides are confident and prepared for victory – the crowd will make all the difference on the day so show your support to Team UCL, wear purple, and get a ticket now to avoid disappointment!

The starting line-up is yet to be announced as competition is fierce within the team for every position. Below is the UCLU Women’s Rugby Varsity squad brought to you exclusively by the Tab:

Front Row

Darcy Anderson, 3rd year Biology and Public Health (Affiliate) – Prop

Fun fact: I technically don’t even go here. I’m a third year American exchange student. Next year I’ll return to the States to finish my degree at Tufts University in Boston.

Most likely to be found in… the woods. I grew up in the middle of no where and it’s kind of stuck with me. My summers are mostly spent outside in the mountains. This past May I finished a month-long, 300 mile solo backpacking trip.

Where will you be in 10 years time? Employed. Hopefully. More seriously though, I’d love to be working overseas in global health doing tropical disease prevention.

Eli Lobley, 2nd year English – Prop

Biggest rugby wanker moment: Accidentally wearing my shorts backwards and having to subtly change them back around during a tactical speech…

Where will you be in 10 years time? I will have made my fortune from my best-selling novel, live by the sea, and be the proud owner of a sloth.

What do people say about you? That I have the best/weirdest mash-ups – Nelly v. Sweet Home Alabama is definitely a highlight…

Doris Chen, Activities & Events Officer – Hooker

Biggest rugby wanker moment: “Winning” Wanker of the Season for 3 consecutive years.

Where will you be in 10 years time? Celebrating the 10th anniversary of the London Varsity Series and UCLU’s 10th win in a row.

Luisa Nienhaus, MA Public Archaeology – Prop

Biggest rugby wanker moment: Proposing to practice lineouts in a night club at a Christmas-themed night out. It resulted in the hooker being kicked out for crowd surfing. I managed to sneak her back in afterwards.

Fun fact: I am a National Umpire for Table Tennis Scotland. I was part of the Development-Squad to umpire at this year’s Commonwealth Games in Glasgow but when it came to choosing between that and Rugby… well I chose Rugby.

Most likely to be found… On the Rugby pitch or surrounded by bones in the Institute of Archaeology.

Pet peeve: Comic sans…. no. Just stop.

Second Row

Cecilia Isvén (Vice-Captain), 4th year MEng Environmental Engineering (mainly just dealing with shit) – Lock

Biggest rugby wanker moment: In my first season playing I was joggging backwards, stumbled over my own feet and fell over. To not get hurt, I did a roly-poly which highly amused everyone on the pitch. I was voted wanker of the match for it, my feat was coined the “Isven dive and roll move” and I have been performing it regularly ever since.

Fun fact: I’m extremely good at waving, and I love long strolls down the Strand.

What do people say about you? “You have a really scary face”.

Tessa Granowski, 3rd year History of Art (Affiliate) – Lock

Biggest rugby wanker moment: Not owning shorts for the first three games.

Fun fact: I was born in the same city as Dr. Pepper.

Most likely to be found… with a black eye.

Bailey Batty, 1st year NatSci – Lock

Biggest rugby wanker moment: Being sincerely told by a coach it was okay to wear my glasses for passing drills to stop me dropping so many balls. I have perfect vision.

Favourite sports nite move: Home with Netflix and a cup of tea, about to start studying, really really soon.

Pet peeves: Millions, including (ironically) the phrase ‘pet peeve’, why does it alliterate? And what does it have to do with pets?!

Rachael Blacklaws, 3rd year History – Lock

Biggest rugby wanker moment: Getting bitten by some psycho girl in a ruck.

Fun fact: President of the ULU Harry Potter Society and quidditch player.

What do people say about you? Classic Blacklaws.

Back Row

Eleanor Trezise (Vice-President), 4th year Natural Sciences – #8

Biggest rugby wanker moment: In my first year, going to tackle someone and ending up piggy backing them for about 30 seconds.

Favourite sports nite move: Pointing obviously at myself during Beyonce’s Single Ladies (joking)

Pet peeve: People eating with their mouth open. ARGH.

What do people say about you? Within the context of rugby, ‘scary’ comes up sometimes, nice things too.

Anna Grundy, 3rd year Biochemistry – Flank

Favourite sports night move: Big fish, little fish, cardboard box. Reels in the big sharks every time.

Biggest rugby wanker moment: One Wednesday I got a call at 12pm asking where I was. My dumb reply was “I’m at home why… Oh shit shit it’s 12”. Can officially say the plot had been lost that morning – I should have made an excuse about an important meeting overrunning. It almost wasn’t worth going to the game, knew I’d get wanker as soon as I put down the phone.

Most likely to be found in… Chipotle on Wardour Street – currently have free meal vouchers courtesy of the Netball Ball, find me in there every day at approximately 1.30pm, without fail. Or the gym – if I fail at making it as international rugby player, I want to able to fulfil my other dream on becoming ripped like Arnie. I can. I will. End of story.

Helen Chandler-Wilde, 2nd year ESPS – Flank

Favourite sports nite move: Find the largest man in the club, take his shirt off on the dancefloor. Then try to lift him to show your sporting prowess and physical fitness. It has a 100% success rate.

Most likely to be found in… Bloomsbury café. I have business cards printed with its address.

Where will you be in 10 years time? Climbing the greasy pole of the political machine. If that fails, then climbing the greasy pole of Spearmint Rhino.

Charlotte McClean, 5th year Medicine – Flank

What do people say about you? “You have really grab-able thighs” – Cecilia

Fun fact: In a previous life I was a lightweight rower. I prefer the rugby diet!

Where will you be in 10 years time? Still hunting down opposition fly halves..

Favourite sports nite move: The Bend and Snap. Legally Blonde taught me everything I know.

Half Backs

Vicky Chan (Captain), 2nd year Arts & Sciences – Fly Half

Fun fact: Back in the tropical jungle that is Hong Kong, I was committed body and soul to hockey, having stopped playing rugby in Year 12 and thinking I’d never pick it up again. However the beautiful ladies of UCLUWRFC lured me back with their witch craft (or just pure good looks? It’s hard to tell) and am now back to full-body contact with women.

Most likely to be found in… bed by 9pm on non-Wednesdays. I love/need my beauty sleep. Or in the kitchen eating another bowl of cereal.

What do people say about you? Not a true Asian because I don’t get Asian flush. Because that’s what defines “Asian”.

Yuna Murayama, 1st year Arts & Sciences – Scrum Half / Fly Half / Centre / Wing / Full Back… basically anywhere and everywhere

Biggest rugby wanker moment: Getting the ball 5 metres from the other team’s try line and then running in the wrong direction! Ooops!

Fun fact: I used to do acrobatic gymnastics….a bit different to rugby!

Most likely to be found in… the BASc common room. Eating (free) Krispy Kreme doughnuts. Every Thursday.

Grace Root, 1st year MPhil/PhD Classics – Scrum Half

Biggest rugby wanker moment: Knocking the ball on over the try line in my first season. Jonny May stole my moves!

Favourite sport snite move: Having an orange juice and soda and getting an early night.

Pet peeves: The kyriarchy, couples snogging on the Tube, and scientists in the Classics section of the library. Get those calculators away from me.

What do people say about you? Adorable fitness machine.

Three Quarters & Full Back

Nosheen Kiyani (President), 2nd year History – Inside Centre

Biggest wanker moments: For being in a women’s rugby team and not knowing what lesbian sex was (“how did they?!”). Chasing after our coach and almost missing the bus to Shenley – not my fault! Taking my mouthguard out at training and slobbering everywhere. Failure to get off the bouncy castle in Amsterdam. Walking straight into a wall. Falling in love with the coaches and every guy in sight lol. Rejecting the laws of feminism on bus rides – hoes before bros apparently. For insisting on going skinny dipping only to find out it wasn’t just putting your feet in the water. – (In case you didn’t notice, Nosh is the ultimate wanker in the club)

Favourite pick up line: With a body like this, who needs a pick up line?! (Lol I wish!)

What do people say about you? Probably biggest wanker

Inspirational gym quote: Suck it up and someday you won’t have to suck it in!

Siti Rasyidah, 1st year psychology – Wing / Outside Centre

Fun fact: I have a mini (MINI!!!!) crush on Owen Farrell and his pre-kick face and I’m pretty excited to be playing on his homeground for Varsity.  – (Don’t we all have a [massive] crush on Owen Farrell and his face whenever, wherever)

Pet peeves: when people confuse your and you’re hahaha not a grammar nazi but it bugs me

Most likely to be found in: Stores with ice cream discounts

What people say about me: “Small enough to put into my luggage bag”

Lucy Fellows, 4th year BSc Speech Communication – Wing

Biggest rugby wanker moment: Being physically unable to down pints due to a selective gag reflex. I now go out of my way to avoid getting Man of the Match (it’s very hard) and therefore never have to subject the team to any such embarrassment again.

Favourite Sports Nite move: My fantastic sense of humour

Most likely to be found in… The UCLU bars, Subway, my 500 Twitter accounts, near rivers (I like rivers), bed. Life is good.

What do people say about you? Too happy. And probably many many other things.

Hannah Ohlson, 3rd year History (Affiliate) – Full Back

Pet peeve: Corn in my tuna salad. Some things just aren’t meant to be.

Most likely to be found… sleeping or eating large amounts of food because, much like the California Brown Bear, I hibernate when not in season.

Fun fact: I moonlight as a professional Cheese Aficionado

Second fun fact: All my facts have to do with food…

Amy Kirk-Smith, 2nd year Arts & Sciences – Wing

Favourite sports nite move: Whispering a spoken-word take on the ignition remix tends to do the trick. Failing that, engage them in an in-depth conversation about Quakerism.

Pet peeve: You know when you’re sipping a craft beer in London Fields and some gal rides in with the same variety of multi-coloured fixie as you. Yeah, that really gets to me.

Where will you be in 10 years’ time? I don’t knowww maaaan. Why can’t we just, like, live in the moment, feel the love etc. …square.

What do people say about you? I think most people are quite afraid of me, so they don’t say much for fear I’ll retaliate. They do say I make them Quake with fear. Understandably – as you can tell I’m pretty intimidating.

Keli Adiele, final year MSc Management – Inside Centre / Prop

Fun fact: Once upon a time, I was a KCL student…

Most likely to be found in… BED!

Biggest rugby wanker moment: Getting caught cheating during post-game suicides.

Alice Lemkes, 3rd year History – Outside Centre

Most likely to be found… tucked up in bed at 10pm on a sportsnite.

Where will you be in ten years time? On a houseboat in Southern India whiling away my days as a yogi and drinking lots of tea and kingfisher… hopefully.

Fun facts: I have club thumbs (like Megan Fox) and I used to get to school by hovercraft.

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