SEX SURVEY: The results

The average student has slept with nine people, our survey reveals

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The average UCL student has shagged 7.4 people, our extensive sex survey reveals.

Although we’re are a little below the national average of nine lifetime sexual partners, most of us are hopefully not all the way through our sex lives just yet, and there’s plenty of time to catch up. Even though that may sound like a lot, it still leaves us at number 22 out of 28 universities. Must do better UCL

Sex league table

Universities with 100 or more respondents

A total of 12,708 students across 36 unis filled in our national questionnaire – and by golly the answers will get you hot under the collar.

Oxford Brookes students are the most prolific in the country – the polys bang an average of 14 people.

Coming in second are Plymouth with 11.5 sexual partners. Probably near the docks.


Completing the ménage à trois at the top of the table are Liverpool – the city’s students putting Suarez and Sturridge to shame with their finishing.

The guys shag more than the girls –  with the average male student sleeping with 10 people to the average lady’s 7.7. If you don’t think you can have .7 of a shag, you’ve clearly never taken a rugby boy home.



A quarter of girls lie about the number of people they’ve slept with – 20% say they’ve slept with fewer than they have, whereas 5% bump their number up.

Of the 22% of boys who lie, 12% increase their number, compared to 10% who drop it.

As with all Tab surveys, we urge you to take these results with a pinch of salt. Look out for parts two and three in the coming days, when we explore STIs and sexuality.