Where the hell even is Enfield anyway?

Inspired by Buzzfeed, we challenged UCL students to label a map of London, with disappointing results…

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You may have woken up in Wood Green after falling asleep on the N29, but could you point it out on a map?

In an idea we definitely haven’t stolen from Buzzfeed, we challenged a handful of students to label a blank map of London with its 32 boroughs.

We highlighted Camden (which is UCL’s borough, obviously) and left them to it. The results were not very surprising, but pretty amusing.

Here’s how our intrepid team of amateur cartographers fared. Click on the photos for a better look:

This person took the opportunity to throw away the rulebook and design London again from scratch. Presenting ‘The New London Boroughs’:

Not even close.

Congratulations to this person for bothering to mark out the river. If only it were in the right place…

It could have been *so* right…

+10 points for drawing in The Shard. -100 points for putting it in Wandsworth:

“Welcome to the London Borough of ̶B̶̶a̶̶r̶̶n̶̶e̶̶t̶. Please drive carefully.”

This person apparently tried to hide their lack of knowledge with tiny handwriting:

TWO rivers? Now that’s just cheating.

Brent? Barnet? It’s only one letter difference, who even cares.

Heathrow *is* in Hounslow, but Hounslow is just not where you think it is.

Just so you know: G-A-Y is technically not one of the 32 boroughs:

They got Islington wrong and it went downhill from there 🙁

But The Tab has no right to judge. Here’s our effort, and this was after we’d seen the full map:

Westminsta is by far the coolest borough.

Disclaimer: No Geography students were humiliated in the writing of this article.