UCLU vs. RUMS Social Netball Showdown

On the 16th of November the UCLU Social Netball team compete for the first time ever in a mini-tournament against RUMS 5th and RUMS Social Netball.

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UCLU Squad: Chloe Beeson, Aislinn King, Siti Rasyidah, Laura McDonnell, Jess Dunn, Dorota Czuperska, Rachel Yetiman, Sarah Huxley


UCLU Social 12-5 RUMS Social

With this being the first game ever for the UCLU team, they knew it would be difficult but were still determined to put up a good fight. The match started well with some great turnovers in the circle from Jess and Laura. UCLU took the lead early on with Chloe and Aislinn working well together to get the ball in to the circle. Rachel’s shooting was fantastic right from the start and some great shots from her and Sarah in the second half resulted in a 7 goal victory for UCLU.

RUMS 5ths 8-2 RUMS Social

RUMS 5th took on their social team in the second game of the day. The first half was very close with lots of turnovers all the way down the court. RUMS 5ths began to move ahead in the second half with some strong shooting resulting in their win.

UCLU Social 4-1 RUMS 5th

This game was set to be harder than UCLU’s first game against RUMS Social, since RUMS 5th play competitively week by week. Nevertheless, UCLU started well and took the lead early on with Sarah making excellent moves in the circle. Some great interceptions from Siti and Aislinn in the middle of the court were being passed down through Chloe and Dorota, putting pressure on the RUMS defence. In the second half UCLU extended their lead, giving them a win in the end and remaining undefeated so far.

UCLU Social Netball prove their skill against RUMS.

Players of the tournament: Chloe Beeson and Sarah Huxley