Victory for UCLU Women’s Rugby

UCLU Women’s Rugby win 5-0 against Uni of Kent.

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The aim of the day was to win – statistically speaking, we are better than Kent. However, it being an away game, we struggled to assemble a strong team to feel comfortable with this aim.


We entered the game with coach Jack’s encouraging words ringing in our ears. Reminders of the upcoming Varsity showdown, the aggression we channelled into Sunday’s training, and our lack of victory thus far in the season inspired the smashing start to the game.

For most of the first half, we were challenging their try line, always so close to scoring, but not managing to deliver. We transferred the ball down the line through our pods system, clearing the ball out of a breakdown and crashing it in, making advances beyond the game line.

There was one heart stopping moment in the first half when Kent managed to break through our defensive line and make a run for our try line. It must have been the pressure of all of UCL chasing after the Kent girl, but she placed the ball just short of the try line, thinking she was over it already. We quickly removed this threat and kept challenging their attack.

The second half saw many injuries on Kent’s side. We took it as the result of our aggression and intensity – Kent were scared and tired and just wanted the game to end. Special mention goes to Bri Siracuse who somehow injured the player tackling her.

With 15 minutes to go, we were still on their try line, trying to break through their defensive line. Kent managed to secure a lineout just 5m from their try line, but Eleanor Tresize made an excellent tackle off the lineout, we won the ruck, and Yuna Murayama placed a beautiful try in the corner.

It was a beautifully executed team try. Jack shamelessly jumped up and down on the sideline and we finished the game off with the same level of intensity we started off with.

All smiles after defeating Kent on their home turf

Kent’s Man of the Match: Bri

Our Man of the Match: Siti Rasyidah

Forward of the Match: Darcy Anderson

Back of the Match: Lucy Fellows

Wanker: Lucy for failure to down a pint