SSEES Officer In “Brownie points” Strike Apology

SSEES Officer claims lecturer ‘brownie points’ to be won and lost in Thursday’s strike before eating his words, apologising for the half-baked remarks.

SSEES Officer Ciarán O’Donohue yesterday advised students of the school that “brownie points” may be obtained if the ‘picket lines’ created by academic staff around campus were respected.

In the Facebook post he went on to warn students that crossing these lines and “undermining” the strike “may incur some level of dislike” from tutors and lecturers.


The ambiguity of Thursday’s protest was striking as confusion reigned down upon students unsure of firstly, whether or not their classes were taking place and secondly, the reaction they would spark by entering UCL.

Students and lecturers alike blockaded campus-access points urging others not to enter. The strike, undergone by UCU, Unite and Unison members was in response to a fifth consecutive pay cut, a 14% gender pay gap, and was also a demand for a sector wide Living Wage.

Trouble at SSEES


The initial request by the SSEES Officer urges students’ support in not crossing the lines, requesting on Wednesday that they “get anything like books you desperately need today or wait until Friday”.

Hours later, however, the Officer issued a formal apology, stating that the comments were “jovial” and “there is no favouritism among lecturers”, before adding “our academic colleagues at UCL will always treat all students in a fair, professional and even handed manner”.



Meanwhile, students attending University today said they little problems with protesters, who were more than happy to let people past.