LOST Liveblog!

Live updates and pictures from 2013 UCL RAG’s LOST.


Within the next 12 hours, 22 teams will have to make their way back to UCL from an undisclosed countryside location, without using a single penny of their own money, all for a good cause.

Check here for updates from the teams and tweet us @thetablondon with #tablost with all your messages.

17:57 Eights teams left. Where the hell is everyone?

17:56 Wade & Harriet  back at UCL. Managed to do the whole thing only on buses!

 17:44 Jailbirdz and Wade & Harriet coming along the final stretch! (Pandaria are still AWOL)

17:19 White Chicks return triumphant! (And clothed)

"A Starbucks in Croyden?" The romance! - White Chicks

A Caffe Nero in Croyden? How could he say no?  – White Chicks


17:11 White Chicks gettin nekked on a bridge

17:11 White Chicks gettin nekked on a bridge


Team Wicked just hanging at MI6

 17:01 And in twelfth place……Taposaurus!


16:46 Jailbirdz taking a scenic hitchhike down the Thames

16:46 Jailbirdz taking a scenic hitchhike down the Thames

15:54 The return of the lion onesies, Team Singa end up finishing 11th.

15:51 Team Cat Rescue slink in as the 10th team to finish, bringing a present of dead birds. Not really.

15:44 Moose Knuckle drag themselves in 9th. Despite not looking like Moose or Knuckles. Funny that.

15:33 Alcock’s Alssorts are on a free bus that may or may not be going back to London. Great/Oh Dear.

15:30 Dobby’s Revenge return in 8th position. We thought using magic outside of school was illegal. Minus 10 points from Gryffindor.

15:27 Onesie-clad Team Singa came back…then left again to complete more challenges. Dedication or stupidity?

15:15 Jailbirdz “Nice bloke brought us here…swear all the people helping are Cockneys.” The cast of Eastender’s are nice. Who knew?

15:12 Dobby’s revenge deciding to abscond to Hogwarts rather than return to uni.

Dobby's hogwarts

14:33 Evsoc make it back in 6th position! First team in a while.

14:31 Probably not the hardest climb in the world. At least Taposaurus are trying.

Climbing taposaurus

14:11 Where’s Westhoff & Carson have returned safely. Still dressed as Where’s Wally of course.

14:05 Just Married  are back, with the wedding dress intact!

wedding dress

“Watch out for the Sunday Times tomorrow there’s a picture of us holding a gun with a helmet on” – a team that went so far beyond the challenges. Great initiative!



13:55 Not sure we can agree with Wicked‘s animal cruelty policy:

riding a dog




 13:54 Dobby’s Revenge prove there is such a thing as a free lunch:

free lunch


13:50 Test icicle are back in the city! Doing better than Westhoff & Carson who according to our map are inexplicably north of London?!

Westhoff & Carson's are apparently in Potter's Bar. Nope, us neither.

Westhoff & Carson’s are apparently in Potter’s Bar. Nope, us neither.


 13:46 Challenges galore:

emile horse

Cool Runnings swapping their bobsleds for a horse

Best Team ever in a tree

Best Team ever in a tree

13:40 Philosoraptors come in 4th!

13:39 Everything’s gone a bit quiet. The weather’s looking bleaker. Oh, and White Chicks seem to be doing a variety of things:

white chicks kebab


white chicks horses

white chicks tree

 13:08 Team Singa “Are we in the lead?” (Shall we break it to them?)

Tadosaurus try out a trike

Taposaurus try out a trike-still no idea where they are


13:05 Jam VIP back in the building!

13:04 Taposaurus  “On a bus. Did not note the registration. God help us”

 12:58  It’s a close second for Lost Lawyers! 

12:48 FIRST TEAM BACK!! Powerpuff Girls arrive back in just over three hours!


powerpuff girls

Powerpuff girls: “2 hitchhikes, Gatwick Express, a bit of the tube and even some running!”



12:33 Tadosarus: "TANDEM"

12:33 Taposarus: “TANDEM”


12:26 Wicked “WE’RE ALIVE!”

12:25 Cool Runnings “Hitched a ride!”

12:20 “It’s raining heavily” -not sure, sounds pretty ominous!

12:15 Jailbirdz ” Befriended the bus company manager and got another free ride”

12:08 Lost Lawyers “Trying to blag a train to St. Pancras”

12:03 Best Team Ever “Stuck in town!

11:59 Philosoraptor “Ballin””

11:58 Dobby’s Revenge “Just hitched a ride straight to London”

11:48 Wanderland “Sight seeing”

11:43 Wanderland “Just proposed!”

11:42 Powerpuff Girls “Blagged a ticket to Victoria!”

11:35 Taposaurus “We have to fly something, croydon’s famous for flying, right?!”

11:32 Dobby’s Revenge “Hitching!”

11:27 Team Singa “So hard to get a ride”

11:25 Moose Knuckle “on the highway”

 11:24 Lost Lawyers ” went to a petting zoo to try and ride an animal”

11:23 Pandaria “Doing Great!”

11:20 Tadosaurus: "They do takeaway pizza!"

11:20 Taposaurus: “They do takeaway pizza!”


11:13 Jailbirdz  “Haven’t died yet” -well that’s good. The insurance would be a nightmare.

11:12 Jailbirdz “…and the bus driver let us stay on”

11:10 Westhoff & Carson “Had a good lift in London actually”

11:09 Evsoc “walking about” -poetic.

Current location of the teams. Some nearly home already!

11:06 Current location of the teams. Some nearly home already!

10:48 Alcock’s Allsorts “wet and cold but got a free bus ride and have completed 1 challenge…”

 10:30 Jailbirdz “Old lady paid for the bus…”

10: 40 Lost Lawyers behind the counter in Wimpy

10: 40 Lost Lawyers behind the counter in Wimpy


10:38 Lady Penelope: "Everyone's died!"

10:38 Lady Penelope: “Everyone’s died!”


10:35 Powerpuff Girls “Catching a lift to Crawley!”

10:34 Westhoff and Carson “Got a lift to Chistlehurst with some builder. Apparently Forest Row has the most cults per village in the UK. Great?”

10:25 Lost Lawyers propose to a stranger:


 10.22 Cool Runnings “At a farm riding a horse.”

The other Lost Lawyer also hugging a stranger

The other Lost Lawyer also hugging a stranger


hug a stranger

10:20 Lost Lawyers hug a stranger!

 10:19 Test Icicle “Successfully hitch-hiked and on to the train.. ‘Legally'”

10:14 Westhoff & Carson “Getting cold” -well at least you’ll be back soon! Oh, wait…

10:07 Jam VIP “In a car, getting a lift to London!”

9:58 White Chicks serenade  a stranger:


 9: 52 Westhoff & Carson “Woman drove out of her way to pick us up when she realised we were from UCL! Taking us to a Mormon Temple though?!” -that’s standard procedure guys

9:40 Dobby’s Revenge “Getting a lift to the nearest station with a lovely person :)”

9:38  Powerpuff Girls “Hitching a lift to East Grimstead! License plate V465dnj”

9:34 Lost Lawyers “Thanks for the lift Linda!”

9:32 Where’s Westhoff and Carson? “A nice old man gave us £2”


10:38 Jailbirdz: "Everyone's died!"

10:38 Jailbirdz: “Everyone’s died!”

Tadosaurus: "Everyone's gone the other way!"

Taposaurus: “Everyone’s gone the other way!”


9:30 Teams have been dropped off near Forest Row in Sussex:

9:30 Teams have been dropped off near Forest Row in Sussex



7:30 The teams are off!

7:30 The teams are off!