Know your sporting heroes-Meet UCL’s 2013 Captains

A few faces and fun facts you should know from some of our own sports teams at UCL.

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President: William De Doncker

“Use my profile picture as it will attract more females to the club” Mmm yes, we females do love clear skies and blue seas.


Captains: Chris Lloyd and Ella Fuller

He says, “Pain is just weakness leaving the body”, and she says, “Stop saying tomorrow”.


Social Sec: Andrew Allan

“I have a panda in my closet” – what… ?




President: Jimmy Warburton

He has a debilitating fear of two things: Bruno Mars, and the dentist.


1st Team Captain: Tom Brocket

He has a twin sister.


2nd Team Captain:


3rd Team Captain: Septimus Knox

Until he came to UCL, he thought a Lamb Bhuna was a cocktail. (had to google Lamb Bhuna myself to check what it was)


Social Sec: Joe Heagerty

He has seen seen S Club 7 twice in concert, and you know you’re a little jealous of him.




President: Alice Lawson

Works at McDonald’s.


1st Team Captain: Hannah Button

Apparently she’s an animagus……….


2nd Team Captains: Ciara Phillips

Previously has worked as a postwoman and pizza delivery girl, another working girl in UCLU Netball.


3rd Team Captain: Kitty Piper

Enjoys training her dog to take part in Crufts.


4th Team Captain: Chloe Angris

Her name in Siswati is Thandeka which means lovely and a beautiful person, and we see why!


5th Team Captain: Liz Wootton

Due to hippy parents, she grew up without a TV. Poor girl.


Social Sec: Joey Lailic

She has never played netball for UCL. Ever.


Events Sec: Karina Nathoo

She plays the xylophone.




President: Chris Baker

Chris does everything to do with the club, “generally show-running with the help of my exceptionally talented and good-looking committee.” He has “a passion for hockey, stats and a good night out with the club.”


1st Team Captain: Ciaran ‘Kellllay’

Ciaran is the token Irish of Men’s Hockey, and his “precious time is usually split between trying to break into the World of fatcats in the city and drinking excessive amounts of Snakey b in the Union. Also a member of the prestigious Kentish Palace Collective and revered Clique.”


2nd Team Captain: Pete Harvey

He was last year’s social sec (aka “big dog”) and apparently looks vaguely like Harry Potter in his new glasses. “I’m looking forward to a top season of hockey and silliness.” – silliness, eh? 😉


3rd Team Captain: Ed Barby

He likes port and snakey b, “normally in excessive amounts. I can be found in Loop with a drink in either hand.”


Social Secs: Alex Popplewell (left) and Steven Lowe (right)

Alex’s office hours are 23:00-04:00 Wednesdays @ the Loop, and Steven wants to “maintain the golden stick form of last year.” – we’d like to know more about this “golden stick” you speak of.




President: Max Wilson

Max once drank an entire train out of red wine in Romania.


Head of Training: Karolis Jankauskas

Karl doesn’t take protein shakes: protein shakes take Karl.


Social Sec: Dahlin Mony

“It’s really bad, I have the alcohol tolerance of a child.”




President: Nosheen Kiyani

Once watered her hair in the hope of making it grow longer.


Captain: Vicky Chan

Shortest member of the team, and probably shorter than you too


Social Sec: Undecided! Traditionally a fresher.