UCL Health Centre (Sort Of) Saved!

The battle between UCL and UCLU over the Health Centre rages on.

After thousands of those petitions and flyers circulating around campus, the rainforests certainly haven’t been saved, but the UCL Health Centre just might be.

The omnipresent campaign still isn't over

The omnipresent campaign isn’t over just yet

A joint statement from both UCLU and ULU on the UCLU website revealed that the UCL Health centre had been offered alternative premises in the ULU building on Malet Street.

A statement on the UCLU website attributes the momentary “victory” to “the hard work, and ultimately the power, of students and staff working together to campaign against cuts to services.”

Embarrassingly enough, however, it appears that UCL has contradicted this recent triumphant announcement, apparently having denied the Gower Place Practice the right to continue practice under the UCL name. UCL is also not planning to contribute towards the planned refurbishment of the UCL Health Centre at the ULU Building.


Imagine the convenience – straight from ULU Fridays to the doctor’s for a stomach pump, all without having to leave the building

A red-faced and clearly dismayed UCLU accuses UCL of “playing politics with our Health Centre” in their updated statement on the website, and suggests that UCL “commit itself to resolving this issue urgently”.

What with the recent early onslaught of winter colds and fresher’s flu, the currently Lemsip-dependent London Tab team are inclined to agree. Make up your mind, UCL!