What a Luna-tic: Journalist Moon Charged With Assaulting Ex-UCL UKIP Youth Leader

Young Independents ball in London eclipsed by Moon assault

The Metropolitan Police confirmed today that Oxford graduate and established journalist Timur Moon has been charged with three counts of assault after attacking three UKIP youth members at the Young Independents ball in South London, one of whom is a graduate of UCL.

Having had experience at the International Business Times, the Evening Standard and the Observer, Moon, 36, was in the papers for a different reason today after he allegedly both physically and verbally attacked at least one of the three UKIP youth members.

Dark side of the Moon: the journalist is said to have pulled Alex Nixon's hair and called her a fascist

Dark side of the Moon: the journalist is said to have pulled Alex Nixon’s hair and called her a fascist

Although she made no official comment, Alex Nixon, who is deputy chairman of the Scotland UKIP youth wing and previously one of our very own here at UCL, is said to have been called a “fascist” by Moon, who is also alleged to have pulled her hair and hit her.


“Staunch unionist, ski bunny, amateur chef” (picture from @alexlnixon on Twitter)

Moon clearly acquired some journalistic sleuthing skills from his time working at the National newspaper in Abu Dhabi, as he managed to crash the London party despite a ban on journalists. Common sense seemed to be lacking, however, when the lunacy unfolded and Moon assaulted the youths after he was asked to leave the premises.