Bakeoff’s Ruby Tan-Dough Calls Woman On Twitter a “Bitter Old Witch”

GBBO star vents bake-rage

| UPDATED Bake Off Ruby Tandoh

Maybe it’s the heat from all those ovens. UCL’s leggy Great British Bake Off contestant has been getting all hot and bothered on Twitter this week after a fellow baker branded her “completely useless.”

“Bitch Please.”

After keeping her incredibly lengthy neck above water in biscuit week, the sassy second year philosophy lashed out at user @Messy_Baker yesterday, who tweeted: ” “Ruby is completely useless – how is she getting thru every week? White chocolate on everything and puppy dog eyes – that must be it.”

Ruby, who’s facial expressions have warranted her own Tumblr page, quickly showed however that her anger isn’t just saved for beating innocent dough: “I’m sorry have you tasted anything made on the show? no? then shut up. tosser.”


The mystery baker, who’s profile mostly consists of uninspiring shots of sourdough,  replied that she “couldn’t handle criticism,” caused Ruby to snap back that “It’s not real criticism though is it? It’s the unfounded, unfiltered, lazy ranting of a bitter old witch,” before adding the zinger: ” Do pipe down.”

The conversation ended with Ruby wishing her opponent “a really great day”, but not before Ms. Tandoh’s avid Internet fanbase joined in on the argument. The Essex-born former model been a firm favourite since the start of the show due a combination of good looks and exotic baking.

“I’ll let you in on a secret. The “great day” was sarcastic. Teehee.”

Luckily, Ruby wasn’t going to a let a little argument stop her love of the microblogging site, and quickly returned to normal, thanking a hunky fan:

Ms. Tandoh even later had time to thank The Tab, and writer Cat Byers for her coverage of Ruby’s baking trials:

In lieu of this, I think we’ll have to agree: @Messy_Baker, pipe down.