Movin’ On Up

UCL ranked fifth in the UK

The Times university guide may be regarded as a bit more prestigious, but when you’re ranked fifth in the country that doesn’t matter much. The Guardian today gave UCL that final top-five spot, coming in behind Cambridge, Oxford, the LSE and St Andrews. KCL were left languishing in 32nd.   Screen Shot 2013-06-04 at 17.24.38

Perhaps the best news for UCL students is that we have the joint highest employment prospects of the top five, level with the LSE on 82%. London rent may make your eyes water but it does mean you’re much more likely to get a job.

Surprisingly 84% of Strand Poly graduates find employment within 6 months. Then again, working in McDonald’s isn’t quite what most UCL graduates aim for.

UCL also has the highest staff-student ratio in the UK, at 1 member of staff for every 10 students. No excuse then for all those essays that take months to be returned.