Howzat: Meet unay’s most outrageous students

WARNING! CONTAINS NUDITY: Hull University Cricket Club’s Gossip Girl reveals all.

Are these the rowdiest students in the country?

A Twitter feed in Hull is documenting the nighttime antics of the uni’s cricket club.

Nudity? Check. Groping? Check. Bloody injuries? Check. Nothing’s left off the HUCC Gossip Girl list.

By the looks of it, they’ve had an eventful year. Plenty of ‘HUCC Wednesdays’ and lots of ‘slotting’.

And while you’ve been revising studiously or polishing off your dissertation, this lot have been on tour in the Spanish resort of Salou. If you’ve ever wondered what lads get up to in on tour, look no further.

‘Tour bus antics between @owen120792, @Betterrace & @NetballLeague in the middle of France #SelfExplanatory #xoxo’

‘Wannabe ladies man @owen120792 takes a break from sleazing on girls… #topsucker #xoxo’

‘Top Slotter @JackDixon92 turned #TopShitter in Salou last week, laying this shit in a Jaime1 drawer when goosed #xoxo’

‘#TooMuchSangria for @Sam30thestig in beach life on the 3rd day #tourbitch #xoxo’

‘Kicking things off with a snap of @Shmall_94 being wheeled away to hospital on the 2nd night #analinjection #xoxo’

‘Things have got out of hand @richardclarke8 is driving the bus #sheliaswheels #xoxo’

Lothario @wazp1 found love at the joint social, caught snogging this @HUWLC cheeky on #balconyclub & elsewhere #xoxo

‘VP @walliams92 was sleazing his little heart out last night, first spotted in JMAC topless #HenchUCC?! #xoxo’

‘@wazp1 may be bad but he’s perfectly good at it, whips & chains excite him” @NetballLeague #saucysloots #xoxo’

‘This #oldboy certainly gave this weekend a good crack #HullRoyal #wild #xoxo’

‘It’s all about this @NetballLeague fresher who’s got dem titties & does not mind getting them out #xoxo’

‘OMG: GG is stunned by this photo of @kieranwatson24 baring all #NotForTheFaintHearted #splaid #xoxo’