The longest game in history

UCL Women’s Rugby vs RHUL


After experiencing the reliable as ever London transport; resulting in us getting a train, bus and long walk through Royal Holloway’s maze, UCL had plenty of time to think about their tactics and were determined to seize a win. UCL got off to an excellent start, constantly pressurising RHUL’s defence. UCL dominated the first half and ripped apart the opposition’s defence line, exploiting and taking advantage of any gaps and the amount of space available. It was not long before the backs worked their magic and scored some superb tries. Both Jess Gregory and Katy Mackey sailed past the defence, outpacing and dodging every defender who even so attempted to chase them. UCL’s scrums were absolutely spectacular, constantly pushing RHUL back and gaining as much ground as possible (despite the insulting comment from the referee referring to us as ‘fat’). Some excellent spearing and tackling from Michelle Parfitt not only proved UCL’s solidarity but also highlighted how weak Royal Holloway were- resulting in some of the players walking off injured.

Half-time came swiftly (despite the stops and starts from the tantalising amount of injuries) with the score UCL 27-0 RHUL. The break enabled RHUL to recuperate themselves and devise a strategy of their own. Shortly after the half-time whistle, RHUL managed to break our defence and score a try with a conversion to make the score 27-7. However, UCL did not let this try faze them and stepped up their defensive line to assure RHUL would not score another. UCL’s defence was like watching a group of orcs attempting to break through a magnificent iron gate, but to no avail. Faith Anderson played magnificently, tackling every girl in her sights.

However, play was once more interrupted when a few more of RHUL’s players left the pitch claiming to be injured. RHUL’s players were dropping like flies and due to them falling short of players, UCL had to match their 12 players and as a result, some players were forced to adjust and try new positions. The girls adapted well to the changes and proved that we were still a strong side. Charlotte McClean made her first debut as a back and it was not long before she responded to RHUL’s try with a try of her own after a sensational run, refusing to be tackled to the ground. Similarly, Izzy Hayes made a great run to score her first try for the squad. The match ended nicely with Katy Mackey once again flying past RHUL’s defence line rounding the final score UCL 42-7 RHUL. What was supposed to be a match of 80 minutes ended up lasting almost 2 hours due to the amount of injuries!

Man of the Match- Charlotte McClean for making excellent runs and scoring her first try.

Wanker- Michelle Parfitt for some serious ‘head butting’

1st half tries: Katy Mackey: 3 Jess Gregory: 1 Eleanor Trezise: 1 Conversions: Faith: 1

2nd half tries: Charlotte McClean: 1 Izzy Hayes; 1 Katy Mackey: 1