President Purrfect

Cat-aclysmic Moment for Chessum

ULU President Michael Chessum could be involved in a new internet craze along with his feline lookalikes.

A tumblr site entitled “Cats that look like Michael Chessum” has been set up, presumably with the intention of broadening of his appeal to the four-pawed occupants of London.

Chessum won re-election as ULU president earlier this month, but not a single cat voted for him. In spite of this, however, a number of cats do seem to have decided to copy his style, in an attempt to claw back support after his poor showing in the animal kingdom.

The website features a number of striking lookalikes:

Paws for thought

Too much catnip…

Wow! Clawsome

Whether or not the website is a success is another tail, with dogs unlikely to be happy at Mike’s links with their bitter rivals.

On the other paw, such humorous comparisons have left an awful lot of people feline good.