UCL grads make millionaire list

99 UCL grads have more than $30million to their names.

UCL churns out the fourth most millionaires in the UK, according to recent stats.

The University Ultra-High Net Worth Alumni Rankings record the net worth of university graduates who are worth more than $30million, after accounting for: shares in private and public companies; residential and investment properties; art collections; aircraft; cash and other assets.

4th in the UK, 20th in the world

And it’s official: with 99 of UCL’s richest alumni making the list, we churn out the 4th most millionaires in the UK.

Internationally, UCL churns out the 20th most millionaires (excluding American universities). 

Other UK unis to make the list include:

– Oxford with 401 mega rich alumni

– Cambridge with 361

– Imperial with 127

And if you thought we were rich, spare a thought for the 52 Harvard alumni who are BILLIONAIRES and total a net worth of $205billion.

Better start work on that essay, those millions won’t make themselves…