UCL awash with Gay Cruising Hotspots

A reputable gay cruising website has identified four of our uni buildings as hotspots.

You might think there’s little more to be found in a university than lecture halls and libraries, but new evidence suggests otherwise.

UCL is officially full of gay cruising hotspots, The Tab can reveal.

Cruisinggays.com – a reputable website dedicated to decoding the art of anonymous gay hookups – has identified the following university areas as the crème de la crème of gay cruising:

– The UCL Main Library

– The Science Library

– The Senate House Library

– UCL’s South cloisters

You’ll find more than books in this library

For the uninitiated, The Tab refers you to Urban Dictionary’s definition:

 While the main library has become quiet of late, the website advises fun seekers that there are two toilets in the south cloisters basement, and “the second … is good [for] taking pick-ups to the cubicles.”

But be warned: the “smaller toilet has no holes, but a big gap to get your head under!”

Meanwhile, pros of using the Science Library include the following: “You have to go through double doors to enter the toilet, so you can hear when someone is coming and quickly act innocent.”

The website also offers friendly advice. “If you’re the one inside the cubicle, keep an eye out for those coming into toilet,” it says. “See if they’re displaying signs of interest (like hanging around unduly, walking towards cubicles, standing still).

“If… you see someone else come into the toilet, who you suspect has similar intentions, play with eye-contact and smiles.”

You’ve been warned. Next time you catch a stranger’s eye while perusing the stacks, it could lead to more than you imagined…