Kirk Quits

They think it’s all over…it is now!

Kirk Sneade’s campaign to become UCLU Women’s Officer is over after he removed his name from the ballot just hours before the end of voting.

Democracy and Communications Officer Sam Gaus stated that Sneade “realised that his campaign had caused offence” and as a consequence took the decision to leave the race.

Gaus also clarified that any votes that Sneade received will be transferred “to the next eligible candidate”

Sneade’s decision to end his campaign comes at the end of a tumultuous fortnight in which he was accused of, “misogyny”, “sexism” and “causing offence” to women at UCL and at universities across the nation.

The culmination of this outrage led to a statement being issued by Women’s Officer Beth Sutton which was signed by students and union officers from all parts of the country, as The Tab reported earlier this month.

His decision is sure to be seen as a victory for those who felt that his actions were a “joke” and were designed to undermine women’s liberation campaigns. Many, however, seemed to be supportive of his campaign for various reasons, and are bound to be disappointed by his decision to withdraw.