Cult Culture: 5 Diva Moments

In light of Justin Bieber’s tardiness to his own concert this Monday, we look at 5 celebrities’ diva moments

Today’s modern celebrity culture means that we are constantly checking on our favourite celebrities, and there’s a lot to keep up with considering the fast paced environment of the Internet. Social media platforms such as Twitter and gossip websites like Daily Mail make it possible for us to find out what Kim Kardashian ate for lunch before she even steps out of the restaurant. No wonder that some of these celebrities have developed an ego as big as Kim’s pregnant ass.


Justin Bieber

Normally we’d cut him some slack for the stupid things he does, (you try being the most famous 19-year-old on the planet) but turning up 2 hours late to his own concert puts him in our bad books. Although he apologised profusely afterwards on Twitter and tried to blame everyone else but him, the fact is he caused a lot of problems and disappointed thousands of his young Beliebers. Many of them had to leave in a rush to catch the last train, their parents frantic to get them to bed on a school night. We can’t help but think this may be just the beginning with his ever increasing fame and after all, he is still young.



It’s not a secret that Rihanna likes to party hard. But maybe she had one too many when she was escorted out of a London nightclub last year for rowdy behaviour, and by rowdy, we mean more than usual. Witnesses heard her using that oh-so-famous phrase that only celebrities dare to utter: ‘don’t you know who I am?’. Oh na na, what’s her name…


Christian Bale

While this Dark Knight prefers to stay in the shadows, just because his private life isn’t sprawled over the front pages of every tabloid, it doesn’t mean he hasn’t had his fair share of diva-like moments. One in particular stands out. While filming Terminator Salvation in 2009, Christian was interrupted in the middle of a scene by the director of photography. He was less than impressed, as shown by his 4-minute rant that was recorded, and we link it here for your entertainment. Have a listen, and see if you can count how many times he uses the F-word.



Naomi Campbell

She was once one of the world’s hottest models, but the only pictures she’s in now are paparazzi shots of her on Leonardo DiCaprio’s yacht. Lucky for some. It seems like one crazy case after the next with Miss Campbell, from throwing phones at assistants and holding them hostage to being in possession of blood diamonds. While she claims that her issues come from past abandonment and cocaine use, we think she might just be a little insane. However in true model fashion, she still manages to look good in her mug shot.


Andrew Mitchell

He isn’t your average diva. Rather than hanging out backstage with the Hollywood A-list, he’s usually found at the House of Commons. This Conservative MP, who was newly appointed at the time, came under scrutiny last year when he allegedly called some police officers ‘plebs’ after they refused him entering Downing Street on his bicycle. Thus began the Plebgate scandal as we know it.