RAG Society’s Charity Bungee Jump – One Man’s Tall Tale

“The most awesome half-a-second of, well… the last few years!” The Tab gets the post-bungee verdict.

On Tuesday 5th March, while most of us enjoyed the sun in the Quad, bought homemade cake and bunked off lectures, a select group of heroes walked (and then bounced) among us: the bungee jumpers.

After donating upwards of £50 to RAG Society’s charity drive for Great Ormond Street Hospital, these philanthropic thrillseekers launched themselves off a crane-operated platform in the Main Quad, plummeting 50 feet before exhaling a sigh – or scream – of relief  when they bounced back up into the air again to tumultuous applause from the crowd.

One man, however, did not sigh or scream post-bungee, but instead let loose with a Borat-inspired “WA WA WEE WA!” as his particular expression of exhilaration. Here’s Ambrose Liu‘s first-ever bungee jump:


and here’s what he had to say about his experience:


After the success of this year’s Jailbreak, it looks like RAG Society have once again managed to raise a substantial amount for deserving charities as well as show us UCL students a good time. Hats off to them – and anyone else who was mental enough to throw themselves off a crane in the name of charity.