Campus Streetstyle

Muted, earthly tones and an understated casual-cool attitude dominate this week’s street style

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Tom, Geography, Year 2

Vintage coat from Brighton

Nella, Mres Anthropology

Left: Barney, Chemistry, Year 2

Right: Isaac Qureshi, Russian and Spanish, Year 2

Tiwa, Spanish and Management, Year 2

Ted Baker knapsack

Heuncheol, Languages Centre

Left: Cecilia, History of Art, Year 2

Right: Alex, ESPS, Year 2

Francis, French and Arabic, Year 4

Left: Alex, Medicine, Year 1

Right: Lucy, Medicine, Year 1

Pik, Biochemical Engineering, Year 3

Rose, Spanish and French, Year 4

Coat from second hand store in Paris

Mira, Anthropology, Year 3

Left: Sam, Politics, Year 2

Centre: Emily, Politics and Eastern European Studies, Year 2

Right: Adam, Politics, Year 2

Last time’s best dressed was the visiting dad: