Cult Culture: The Top 5 Dance Sensations

In light of the most recent dance craze to hit YouTube, this week we take a look at some of the moves that have gone viral.

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Ever found yourself standing awkwardly in the middle of the Moonies dance floor? People getting with each other left, right and centre literally and struggling to cope? Wanting to break out in dance but have no suitably stylish moves in your repertoire? Let’s not pretend we haven’t all attempted a few of these routines (in our rooms…alone) but after perfecting these steps you may find that you have the skills to win any impromptu dance-off.

Disclaimer: we’re not promising that at the end of this article you will be able to
recreate that dance in the rain from Step Up 2… trust us, we’ve tried.

Soulja Boy (2007)

Remember 6 years ago, when you were still in that gangster phase and
hopefully hadn’t yet discovered the true meaning of ‘superman dat hoe’
on urban dictionary?(
term=Superman%20dat%20hoe&defid=3873101) When this classic dance
came on to the scene (no pun intended), it quickly became a club favourite with
everyone wanting to ‘crank that’. Oh sure you may scream excitedly when this
song comes on in da club, cos we’re all hardcore gangsters and shit, but have you
ever stopped to analyse those few moves? Believe it or not, Soulja Boy has some
complex footwork going on.


Hoedown Throwdown (2009)

Y’all may have scoffed at this in the past but do not overlook this one for it has
deservedly earned its place on our list. Yes it’s Miley Cyrus pre-‘punk’ meltdown
and yes it debuted in Hannah Montana- The Movie, but this will probably become
your token country dance. Among the sea of slut-dropping and bump n’ grind,
revel in this slightly childish yet deceptively challenging routine. Even if you
don’t learn it, please go read the lyrics for gems like putting your ‘hawk in the
sky’ (no that’s not a euphemism). For all of you staring at your screens in disgust
even at the mere mention of a Disney song, here’s a little joke:
Question: What do you call Miley Cyrus falling down the stairs?
Answer: A Hoedown.


The Dougie (2010)

Even the group name makes us lol. Cali Swag District- ‘Is that the freshest state
in America?’ We jest. Personally we have not yet mastered this dance as it takes
a certain air of freshness to pull off. Excuse us for the excessive use of ‘fresh’
but there’s just no other word that embodies that Cali Swag feeling. Here’s a
mini history lesson for you all: the word ‘dougie’ originated from the 1980s
rapper whose name was literally Doug E Fresh. So bear this in mind as you’re
attempting this dance, we challenge you to be as fresh as Dougie.


Gangnam style (2012)

This one needs no introduction. K-pop sensation PSY galloped onto the
scene and took the world by storm with his slightly weird but strangely
mesmerising ‘invisible horse dance’. Sure, the lyrics are a mystery (in spite of
your drunken efforts to sing along), but there’s something about this high energy
song that makes you want to hold on to the invisible reins and never let go.
Congratulations are in order to PSY whose video became the first to surpass 1
billion views, beating teen dream Bieber for the most viewed video on Youtube.
He should really be thanking us; pretty sure a couple million of those views were
our own…


Harlem Shake (2013)

Of course, how could we not include this one? The latest dance sensation to
hit the Internet has already proved popular with UCL students, who earlier
this week tried to earn the title of largest Harlem Shake in Europe. There’s not
much to learn here, as the movements are pretty simple, just keep shaking until
someone tells you to stop. If you have a few hours to spare (of course you do,
you’re at uni, you live for Youtube) check out the selection of videos from the
likes of Usain Bolt, Cara Delevingne, and the Norwegian Army. However, nothing
can beat our home-grown version, so UCL students unite and shake along in true
school spirit!


SO no excuses for the awkward I’m-too-sober-for-this shuffle next time you’re
out. A few of these moves and you’ll be the King/ Queen of the dance floor.
Everyone around you may be too drunk to notice, but we’ll be sending you our
virtual high-fives.