Harlem Shake Streetstyle

A selection of costumes from yesterday’s Harlem Shake.

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The Tab checks out the best dressed UCL Harlem Shakers.

Harlem Shake crowd, featuring Wayne Rooney, Fox man, Budweiser and a dinosaur.

Clone trooper and banana.

Superman Mario and horse head Arthur who started it all off.

Assortment of onesies: (top left) VJ, (left) Rishi, (top right) Marcus, (right) Greg – who gave our Fashion Editor his number. Will she call back?

Balaclava man.

James as, the RAG Pig

The Tab team with organisers Maxim Rozhdov and horse head Arthur Kegels of ExSo. 

Thrusting banana.

Shahriar as a lion, Christy as a bug and a ginger Andreas.

Tab Fashion with previously streetstyled Kevin as Eeyore.

Gandalf/UCL Rower Karl

Kavita in a towel.