Valentine’s Day- Facebook’s Best and Worst

Love is in the air on social media

Valentine’s Day, like so many other ‘dates’ in the calendar is now not only an occasion meant for sharing with your loved ones. Instead it’s shared with the whole bloody world on Facebook and Twitter.

What makes matters worse is that if you’re feeling a bit lonely you’ll inevitably get bombarded with statuses and tweets from lovely ‘friends’ who want to make you feel that bit worse for being single. You’ll either loath their professions of love for others or think to yourself, as they inform you that they’re eating ice crime, watching porn and crying into a kleenex, “am I really as sad and ugly as you?”. To which the answer is probably yes.

Here at The Tab we’ve compiled some of the best and worst that we’ve come across.

A nice positive one to start. Well done you for being so miserable.

I have a funny feeling this is why the women of Kingston don’t “want your dick”.

Sound familiar? And by familiar I mean sound like what you’re doing. And by you I mean me.

At least you can count on your friends to stop you feeling quite so bad to be alone.

“And by like to be alone I mean I’m a member of”

Actually, it does.

A cheery message, ruined somewhat by the corporate slogans of Nando’s.

Nah this guy must be working for them. Also…”Your turn will come soon”. Go away you patronising busybody and leave me to wallow in my own self pity in peace.

I prefer Valentine’s statuses from meerkats anyway. My heart bleeds for you Aleksandr.

And finally, everyone’s favourite Inanimate Carbon Rod makes us all teary. He may be inanimate but he has a heart.