10 Songs for Romancing

Your one stop Valentine’s day playlist


10 Songs for Romancing


Happy Valentine’s Day! V-Day is a day for celebrating love in all its forms, even if it’s just the love you feel for yourself as you eat fondue in front of a mirror. Here’s some songs for lovin’:

 Stuck on the Puzzle- Alex Turner


This is from the soundtrack to Submarine, which was directed by Moss from the IT Crowd. It is romantic as fuck. And a little disturbing. Anyway, the soundtrack Alex Turner wrote for it is very nice.


This Guy’s in Love With You- Burt Bacharach


Oh so delightful. Also there’s a trumpet solo, and trumpets always take any piece of music (or situation) to a whole other level of romance. Most people will tell you that the saxophone is a more romantic wind instrument, and they are probably right.


Let’s Do It (Let’s Fall in Love)- Ella Fitzgerald


No, not ‘do it’ do it. It was a simpler time.

Except it apparently wasn’t and it’s all knowingly sexual. Thanks for the tip, Grandma.


Lover, You Should’ve Come Over- Jeff Buckley


Yes, ok, so it starts with a funeral, but don’t all great romances? Why, you may ask, don’t I give dating advice?


I Walk the Line- Johnny Cash


Every verse, the key changes. Cash sings lower and lower. You don’t think he can get any lower, and then he does. Deeper and deeper, like your love for your boyfriend / girlfriend / gender-neutral partner / self / pet.


All My Love- Led Zeppelin


A positively short and snappy song by Zeppelin’s standards. Now, about the link I’ve given: in the third verse, Plant sings ‘proud Arianne one word, my will to sustain’. The lyrics given in the video description, however, have it down as ‘proud Aryan’. Since that puts a pretty different spin on the song, I thought I’d point out the mistake.


Perfect Day- Lou Reed


Can’t leave it out. I prefer the acoustic version because you can hear the guitar part better, but the full version is also great. Lou Reed is married to Laurie Anderson (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VaBbHGKLp88). Let’s all take a moment to think about how musically bizarre that dinner table must get. In fact, we don’t have to imagine: http://www.guardian.co.uk/music/2010/may/14/lou-reed-laurie-anderson. I found some of it for my dog, and she really went in for it, surprisingly. She’s usually a bit of a Classical purist.


 From Russia With Love- Matt Monro


Awesome song, awesome movie. When I was little, I thought the lyric was ‘but still my tongue pried young bride would not let my love for you show’. This really changed the tone for me, as I thought it was about a jealous and strong-tongued wife.


Do I Love You?- The Ronettes



Try to avoid thinking about Phil Spector when attempting to enjoy the adorableness of this song. Or do anything romantic.


You Make My Dreams- Hall And Oates


Gaze into the eyes of Hall and Oates. More specifically, gaze into the moustache of Oates. Whether you like blondes or brunettes, they can make your dreams come true. Aren’t you glad that you’ve got what they want, though it might be hard to handle? That when their bad dreams become screamers, they can wrap your self around them? I really hope you realised that those are the lyrics, cause if you didn’t, this just got very strange.