How to cut the cost of Valentine’s Day (and not get dumped)

All you need is love… and some last-minute ideas for Valentine’s Day.

What up, playas. Here at The Tab we’ve gone Cupid-crazy in the run up to Valentine’s Day, and this week we’re going to be bringing you a plethora of compelling (and fairly horrific) features on the art of romance sure to warm your both your heart and genitals. To kick things off, here’s some things you could do for your beau, even if you haven’t got much cash. Quick, run to your lovers!

Go walkies

Unleash your inner Baudelaire with a romantic stroll around town. Living in London means there’s tons of interesting/dangerous stuff right on your doorstep, so why not take the opportunity to explore your surroundings. Regent’s Park is always a nice place to look at, as long as your other half doesn’t mind dog poo or the people that insist that Ultimate Frisbee is a sport. Blisters optional.

Stay in

If sharing your evening with a restaurant full of other couples isn’t your cup of tea, try staying in and saving some dollars. Don’t worry about having to just stare at the same four walls as ever though; get an M&S Dine In For £10 deal, then throw loads of glittery stuff around to imbue the evening with a sense of occasion. You could pretend you’re in an old Fergie video.

Go all gooey with marshmallows

Let’s face it: the quickest way to a woman’s heart is through gifts, and the quickest way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. Kingly Court in Carnaby Street provides the ideal solution – the Marshmallow Apothecary, open from 9th February for two weeks. Sample aphrodisiacal flavours of marshmallows like Ginger and Chilli with your better half, and take home a bag of your favourite marshmallows for just £3. Hey, at least on this one we can guarantee you’ll be leaving with sticky fingers.

Pull at St. Paul’s

Climb up the cathedral’s dome to its famous Whispering Gallery, where a whisper on one side of the dome can be heard 100 feet away on the other. If you can bear to wrench yourselves apart, you crazy kids, try out the acoustics and whisper sweet nothings to each other – or take advantage of the fact that you’ll have a 100 foot head-start on them and admit that you’ve been banging that hot Ultimate Frisbee guy/girl you awkwardly bumped into earlier on your walk in Regent’s Park…

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone, we hope it’s wicked, however you spend it. If it isn’t, just remember that we’re here for you – we might be an inanimate website, floating around in the ether, but we’d totally hold your hand.