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Dressing to impress while sweating it out

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A new week, a fresh start to that weekly regime that supposedly commences on Monday and usually ends around Wednesday. After finally having mentally motivated yourself to work on those wobbling thighs/mini muffin top at the gym, the tiresome decision is actually…what to wear. Come on, it’s the gym! Who cares? However, studying at UCL often means keeping up appearances for many of us, even at the gym, whether casually jogging on the treadmill or dripping in sweat from Fat Blitzer. We all secretly want to impress that Adonis of an instructor, blue wife beater–donned, or any of the single males lifting weights for that matter. Despite being one of the most inadequately sized gyms for such a large student body, we all pile into Bloomsbury Fitness on Monday afternoons, keen to live out our new year’s resolution. A few trends sported at the gym:


1. Hard-core

This is the chance for you keen-bean rowers in your very professional onesie lycras to come forward! Always ready for gym action and working out almost everyday of the week (and that’s not even when they’re on water), we must take our hats off to them. And to the boys, Bloomsbury Fitness is probably the only place where you can wear lycra pants without anyone batting an eyelid.


2. Hipster Cool 

If you feel the need to follow your edgy instincts, you will no doubt always find a fellow hipster gym friend quietly minding their own business on the cross trainer. Obviously, with Converse or new Nike blazers in place of actual running trainers. Hair in a scruffy bun, with a neon 90s scrunchie to add flavour (or is that just me?) and earrings still on – no point removing them, it’s not like we sweat through our ear lobes. No need for actual running gear, surely a pair of Primark leggings will do? Take note ladies, this may be an economic option but can lead to fatal sweat-related embarrassment!


3. Slogan Tees

Bloomsbury gym is the perfect place to show off those worthwhile experiences that you are extremely proud of, otherwise usually unacceptable unless sleeping in bed. From running half a marathon, to that epic ski trip last year, to seeing One Direction’s 2012 tour, whatever it is, get it on show in the gym! There is nowhere else to flaunt your achievements and also enjoy its comedy value. It might even prove to be a conversation starter!


Regardless of any hot members of the opposite sex at the gym, everyone hopes to look as great as they feel while improving fitness. For us girls, there are a few tips to follow to remain effortless yet appealing:

Make upreally?? Well yes, actually, but remember that less is more. Minimal is the key word; no one wants to look too try-hard. Avoid foundation as it clogs pores and doesn’t help the layer of shiny sweat after a work-out. For a fresh-faced look, conceal any big red spots, shape your brows and a swipe a layer of waterproof mascara to bring out your eyes.

Hair: a messy ponytail is effortless, but a high pig tail is more interesting. Wearing a soft headband will stop fringe hairs from sticking to the forehead.

Attire: Little shorts or 3/4 lycra leggings paired with a sports bra/crop top is unnecessarily fleshy, but baggy light-coloured trackies and white lines running down the leg are far from sexy. The important thing is look comfy but not slouchy. Wearing the right trainers aren’t just essential for toning; they make you look more serious and more active, especially with a pop of fluo colour.

Music: casually having your ipod plugged into your ears and listening to energetic songs you like can get you in a motivated mood that will help you avoid looking hopelessly out-of-breath on a machine.

Stay dry but re-hydrate: having a bottle of water right next to you will save your life as will a sweatband for that quick, subtle swipe across the forehead