Joga Bonito: Who’s the king of the cage at UCL?

See how your department is faring in this UCL-wide tournament

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UCL’s departments have been putting forward their best 5-a-side squads this term as they vie to become the kings of street football in this new tournament. Matches have been taking place this term at Warren Street’s cage, pictured below.

The Arena

Mario Johnson, of chemical engineering, saw the popularity of 5-a-side last year and was inspired by the engineering league – a popular annual competition exclusively for engineering students.

Having now brought street football to the masses of UCL, he had this to say about the new format:

The Don Johnson


“The general response has been good – I wanted to advertise it even more but to get 30+ responses for a brand new league is fairly decent I’d say. I hope it is continued next year and even more departments get involved.”



Here are the latest results from the first round:

Technology Entrepreneurship 11 – 4 Electrical Engineering

Information Management for Business 5 – 3 Mechanical Engineering

“The Space Bandits” 4 – 1 Mechanical Engineering

Computer Science 9 – 8 Medical Physics

Physics 4 – 3 Computer Science

Maths 10 – 9 Chemical Engineering

Economics “The Slutskys” 12 – 3 Bioscience

Chemical Engineering 10 – 3 Biochemical Engineering

Civil / Environmental Studies won 9-3

Medical Physics won 4-3


Spare a moment for those that have been knocked out at this early stage. And especially those engineering teams, who despite having the experience of playing in this league last year, saw five of its teams crash out.