Jeremy’s Journal

Jeremy tries his hand at online shopping.

Monday: I’ve ordered a new hat from Amazon. I’m so over wide brims, everybody’s wearing them nowadays. Also, I think the colour of this one makes me look a bit sickly.

Tuesday: I am going to be the belle of the Economics and Finance Society Ball with my new look.

Wednesday: Consuela came in today wearing the EXACT same hat I have just ordered, I am so annoyed. When I confronted her she just told me I wasn’t even invited to the Economics and Finance Society Ball. It’s not my fault I don’t have the blood flow to be able to click attending on the facebook event.

Thursday: Received my orders today #amazonprime

Friday: I keep thinking there’s an incredibly handsome man staring at me. Then I realise it’s just my reflection in the cabinet glass.

Saturday: Apparently there isn’t even an Economics and Finance Society Ball planned. But they’re always having balls. What am I meant to wear my glamourous new accessories to now?

Sunday: Decided I don’t want anyone to mistake Consuela and me for twins so have regretfully returned my items #within28daysofpurchase