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5 reasons why you should never be shy about ‘dressing up’ everyday.

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Anna dello Russo of Vogue Nippon (left) and Leandra Mendine of ‘The Man Repeller’ (right) dress only for themselves, rather than for men

Going into university and attending lectures is part of a casual, daily routine, but just because academia is supposed to be the focus of your day, don’t let that distract you from the fact that appearing presentable is equally significant in making a good impression. You may feel foolishly ‘dressed up’ but fashion is something to have fun with. Now by ‘dressing up’, I am not referring to donning garish party frocks and heels on a daily basis. No, being appropriate is also vital. The term ‘dressing up’ can merely suggest evidence of looking like you’ve made an effort, or actually enjoy what you are wearing, and is part of the confidence in how you portray yourself. Slouching around doesn’t do much good to your work ethic either, so smart up and live up to your full potential. Whether it’s running around campus to make your lecture, on a night out, a meal with friends, attending a show, or strolling the city’s streets, everyday has something in store for you to advance your sartorial adventures.



Life is short. You may die tomorrow. You are only young once. Need I say more? Take advantage of your body in its prime while you can, flaunt your assets before age – or motherhood – takes its toll. One can only sport certain pieces when one is young. One can only get away with certain trends when one is young. Before the monotonous suits and uniforms of the work world close in on you, ensure you make the most of your sartorial freedom and dare to experiment! Be flamboyant, unreasonable, and excessive while you can.

[N.B. NOT a pointer towards promiscuity, slutty is not synonymous with sexy]


2. Fashion = Self-expression

Some may frown upon you if you look too ‘try-hard’ but if you are stirring emotions, that’s not a bad thing! The way you present yourself can reveal who are the genuine friends – judges certainly are not. Wear what you feel comfortable in and what represents you; whether it’s sleek and minimalist, or eclectic and eccentric, the way you dress indicates the kind of person you are. Nothing beats that feel-good feeling of great confidence in being attired in a great outfit. Look fabulous, feel fabulous. Remember that a statement accessory or a garment with a personal touch will make you memorable to others, and can also serve as a conversation icebreaker.


3. Learning Process

A fashion faux pas may be embarrassing and cringe-inducing but it can only help you work on discovering your personal style and what represents you. Who cares what they say anyway? Learn from your mistakes. You will never be able to develop or mature your personal style if you are permanently in your comfort zone – literally (i.e. sweatpants and school leaver hoodies).


4. Fashion is fun

‘Dressing up’, or rather, putting an effort into the way you clothe yourself is a fun process and who doesn’t want to have fun? The art of dressing presents creative exercise which doesn’t have to be taken too seriously. Parties and occasions are not the only times to relish the opportunity of looking and feeling special. Fabulous clothes are to be exhibited as much as possible and not waste away unworn in your wardrobes. Make your money’s worth by allowing wear and tear.


5. And finally of course, if you look the part, what’s better than being snapped for The Tab’s Campus Streetstyle?




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  • Dressing for occasions and situations – Nina Garcia’s Look Book: What to Wear for Every Occasion (with fashion illustrations by Ruben Toledo)
  • Dressing by body shape/face shape/skin colour – Secrets of Style: The Complete Guide to Dressing your Best Everyday, by the editors of InStyle
  • Educate yourself: vital terminology – The Little Dictionary of Fashion by Christian Dior

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