Jeremy’s Journal

Jeremy on life in the box.

Monday:  Played in the snow today. Think I might have caught a bit of a cold – I can’t feel my fingers.

Tuesday:  My nose won’t stop running. Thinking of asking Consuela for some Kleenex.

Wednesday:  Consuela wouldn’t give me any tissues. She said I didn’t need any because I’m dead. I hate her a little bit. #unfriended

Thursday: Consuela was right. It wasn’t my nose running, just a bad varnishing job.

Friday:  Heard someone bitching about me in the Cloisters today. I am NOT a ‘lazy jerk-off’. Utilitarianism didn’t invent itself you know. Or maybe it did. Maybe that was the whole thing.

Saturday: I can’t see anything because someone threw a snowball at my cabinet. I bet it was Grant. He’ll pay. #thuglyf

Sunday:  All the snow has melted. Feeling a bit empty inside. Possibly because my internal organs were all removed in 1832.