Sports Night Showdown: What Happened Next…

Missed Sports Night at The Loop, or simply can’t remember anything? The Tab is here to help.

Change is inevitable, that much is certain. First term morphs into second term, seemingly inexhaustible student loans swiftly come and go, and The Roxy must share its Sports Night monopoly with The Loop.

Some things, however, never change – that Thursday morning feeling, for example. How was the head/dignity/wallet/stomach/self-loathing the morning after? Not so great, huh? Well done – you had a successful Sports Night.

But where did you go? What did you do? You probably can’t remember. Fortunately, the Tab team were on hand to document exactly what happened once The Loop opened its doors to the UCL Sports Night syndicate.

So whether you were there or not, check out our video montage of Loop’s first Sports Night as our team try to find out whether the crowd liked or loathed the newbie on the UCL clubbing scene.


All in all, the reviews were mixed: many enjoyed The Loop’s multitude of bars and floors, but most admitted that they “already miss The Roxy” – and queuing at The Loop was not without its hazards. Oscar Donovon got a first hand taste of the madness, writing:

“The Sportspeople’s queue was a confused and clueless wave machine of vaguely athletic flesh. It pointlessly and dangerously swelled and surged as if dictated by the gravitational pull of some celestial body, but really no one was moving an inch. There was actual panic in the voices of the bouncers, who’d abandoned all pretences and were shoving us around like cattle, armed with a single, insufficient metal barrier to prevent us spilling into the road. I couldn’t even hear a reassuring four-on-the-floor emanating from The Loops insides, only the amused or terrified wails of the smaller girls in the crush somewhere beneath me and a spattering of hoarse cries: ‘ROXY, ROXY’.”

Therefore, we reckon the ultimate winner of the Sports Night Showdown is not The Loop, and nor is it The Roxy. Sports Night is itself the winner, a brilliant night out – and that is something that will never change.

But let’s settle this once and for all. Now that most Sports teams have experienced both, what do you think?