Sports Night Showdown: The Roxy vs The Loop

Sports Night Showdown: The Roxy vs Loop. Will the classic Roxy experience be lost to Loop Bar?

Shocking developments vis-à-vis Wednesday nights for UCL sports moguls and inebriation enthusiasts alike: The Roxy has competition on Sports Nite.

This recent news has parted Sports societies throughout the university like an initiation-happy, Snakebite-chugging Red Sea. As heartbreaking as it may be, the time for living in an apathetic state of denial is long past – Sports Niters must grit their teeth and pick a side, and The Tab is here to help.

In true 90s “Top Trumps” style, here are each bar’s vital statistics. Essential stuff.

The Roxy

Location: Close to the union bars, just off Oxford Street on Rathbone Place and ideally situated – just a short post-club stumble from McDonalds. There’s barely any need to be conscious. 5/5

Entry: £5, or £4 with your NUS card (provided you can actually get in). 4/5

Number of Bars: 1, meaning a bit of a wait for drinks. 3/5

Décor:  Your standard indie club. Exposed brick walls, black leather sofas and sticky floor. Heart-warmingly grungy. 4/5

Reputation: The infamous and long-running host of Sports Nite, regarded with tentative affection by the majority of UCL. 4/5

Music: Mostly a mix of hip-hop, RnB and dubstep. Sure, there isn’t enough genre variety to cater to everyone’s tastes, but music taste tends to take a back seat when you’ve enjoyed the majority of an £8 cocktail pitcher. 3.5/5

Total: 23.5/30


The Loop

Location: A little way on from Oxford Circus on Dering Street, meaning a more challenging on-foot journey following BAR 170 at the union – however, The Loop offer a free shuttle bus from the union to the club between 9pm-12am. Impressive. 4.5/5

Entry: £3 before 11pm, and £5 after. 4/5

Number of Bars: 4. Now they’re just showing off. 5/5

Décor: Multi-coloured, flashing disco dance floor, some dodgy 70s wall designs going on in the Ground Floor Bar and in “Groovy Wonderland”. Opal Bar looks like your average megalomaniac’s secret lair. Altogether questionable. 2/5

Reputation: Largely unknown as of yet, although it is already supported by fourteen of UCL’s sport clubs and societies. 3/5

Music: Due to The Loop’s assortment of bars, you don’t have to put up with the ABBA megamix when it comes on in the “Cheese/90s/00s” Ground Floor Bar, no matter how smashed you are. Stagger to The Opal Bar or Groovy Wonderland to sample different genres of music, including RnB, hip-hop, house, electro and chart hits. Something for everyone.  5/5

Total: 23.5/30

With both clubs being – on paper – on a reasonably equal footing, the proof really is going to be in the pudding. The Loop’s UCL Sports Nite launch party kicking off on Wednesday, 16thJanuary and The Tab will be sending reviewers to each of the clubs to truly determine which one is deserving of the coveted “Official Sports Nite Host” crown. The Tab – doing your clubbing, so that you don’t have to. You’re welcome…?