Jeremy’s Journal

We’ve raised him from the dead to write one of our weekly columns.

Monday:  Slow day today.

Tuesday:  Another slow day. Where the fuck’s my head?

Wednesday:  Today marked the 180th year since I was embalmed. That’s a long time to be in a glass case #occupy

Thursday:   Thursday is cleaning day and so the only chance I have to get some fresh air and talk to someone. Unfortunately, back in the day Spanish clashed with Utilitarianism so I can’t understand Consuela. She seems friendly though.

Friday:  Chemical Engineering Class of ’97 having a reunion in the South Cloisters today. Apparently Chris Martin was a twat. I remember when he used to rehearse in the Cloisters after hours and keep me up at night with those other three jokers #rushofbloodtothehead

Saturday:  Football at King’s this afternoon. Hopefully they won’t use my head as the ball again.

Sunday:  Glad it’s Sunday- the day of rest.  Have time to plan the coming week.