Made in The Strand Poly- “tantrums, tears, romance and a whole lot of class” at Kings.

If there’s one thing sure to make any UCL student laugh it’s the thought of a King’s student adopting airs and graces and getting a little bit above their station in life. If there’s one thing sure to have them in hysterics then its a King’s student doing it on camera.

That’s exactly what’s happening down at The Strand Poly at the moment with the launch of  “Made in King’s” advertised as their “brand new, glossy and arguably very privileged student-made TV show.”

“Tune in for tantrums, tears, romance and a whole lot of class” is the tagline for the show, but presumably the class in question isn’t the sort you attend in a lecture theatre. King’s

Maximillian, the poshest man on earth

students aren’t much good at that sort of thing after all. Tantrums after not getting into UCL sounds more like the order of the day.

Lauren Clark, of King’s TV was keen to point out however that the show is designed to be a satire of “Made in Chelsea”, with characters playing up to the stereotype of the posh boys and girls found in the original Channel 4 show.

What started out as “a small bit of fun” has, according to Lauren, “developed into something bigger and more popular than we previously imagined” with a high degree of interest from people wanting to get involved.

The Facebook page for the show introduces some of the characters, who Lauren describes as “made up caricatures”. They include Josh the “fun-loving city boy [who] breathes as much energy into a party as his Burberry cologne”(Burberry is so noughties dahling) and Olivia, who “radiates pure Mayfair” (King Size).

But Lauren suggests that it might not just be KCL students who are starring in the production, saying that she would not rule out UCL involvement if there was interest from Gower Street students.

Until that day comes however, “Made in King’s” gives everyone at UCL an opportunity to misquote Samuel Beckett whenever they next bump into someone from The Strand Poly. They are, as Beckett would say, the cream of London. Rich, and thick.