Why I Cheated

UCL students come clean on doing the dirty.

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Cheating. A relationship deal breaker, those who do the dirty on their partners are, in most circumstances, utter douche bags. Yet, whilst we’re very quick to condemn those who commit the most heinous of relationship crimes, “Why?” often seems to be less important than making a voodoo doll of your ex’s face.

We put the question to the students of UCL. These were your answers. They may not excuse, but they might just explain.

“I cheated because he deserved it. Arsehole” 4th Year Law Student

Feeling neglected during a long distance relationship, I ended up spending the night…well nights…with a guy from halls. I eventually came clean to my boyfriend but even now I still feel awful about straying. 3rd Year, Science

“You got fat. I got bored. It happens.” 3rd Year Biomedicine

“We were long-distancing because I was scared of commitment. I got myself incredibly drunk and told him. He forgave me because he loved me and wanted this to last, but at the end of the day, I broke our wonderful little bubble” 2nd Year, Politics Student

“My Ex was better in bed” 3rd Year Law Student

“It’s the same as when you get two different meals and want to try both, but don’t want to throw the first one away. Otherwise, how do you know which is better?” 3rd Year Medic

“My relationship was practically over (if not officially), someone else was showing me interest and in the end I just thought fuck it, here’s to moving on!” 2nd Year, History

I came to university single and wanting to have a good time, but ended up in a relationship by October! The next thing I know, I’m getting wasted visiting a friend over Christmas and waking up with love bites on my neck. I never told him and we ended up drifting apart anyway. I didn’t mean to do it, and my ex is such a nice guy…but I guess some Freshers just can’t be tamed! 2nd Year, Arts

“my boyfriend gets really jealous about any close male friend I have which sometimes makes me so angry. I’ve only done it twice. Both times were kind of like me saying ‘fuck you.’ but secretly.” 1st Year Architecture

“I was drunk and don’t remember. Now you won’t speak to me. It’s shit.” 2nd Year Economics