Everyone’s Talking About: UCL Confessions

The Tab sits down with the creator of our most infamous Facebook Page

London Tab Features naughty students UCL Confessions

Love it or hate it, UCL Confesions is a hit. With over 2000 ‘likes,’ the Facebook page has revealed to us what we’d just rather not know about our peers. Whilst it’s clear that some ‘confessions’ are more true than others, there seems to be something oddly liberating about sharing our most sordid stories in such a faceless forum.

But who is the genius behind the scandalous Facebook page? The Tab sits down with the creator of the UCL Confessions, who asked to remain anonymous to keep the mystery alive (or at least, to stop them from being kicked of of uni).

What has been your favourite confession so far?

Now, I’m receiving twenty messages per day so I don’t even read them anymore! In the beginning the sexual ones were pretty funny, especially the one’s at Moonies.

UCL Memes: Friend or Foe?

Friend I guess. I’m a big fan of UCL Memes. I think they have way less ‘likes than us though (The Tab checked-UCL Memes has more )

What do you do if you receive a confession from a friend?

It hasn’t really happened yet. I received one, but it was pretty uninteresting

What do you do with the messages once they’ve been published?

I just leave them in the inbox. [Laughingly],I thought about doing something nasty like selling the information but that would be so wrong.

You’re like the Gossip Girl of UCL. how do you deal with that pressure?

It’s very tough because in my course group of people know it’s me. They always try to ask me who sent them. Sometimes when I know my friend knows the person, I might tell them if it’s not too awkward.

Would you like to make a confession to The Tab?

I’m the creator of the LSE Confessions page. LSE confessions are so lame! The only thing the talked about at the beginning was ‘oh I got into Oxbridge but chose to go to the LSE instead’. They only talk about academic stuff.

Here are The Tab’s Top 5 UCL Confessions so far:

1.” I am in 4th year and I still haven’t been to the library.”

2. Last day of Halls, we all picked up 1.5 ounce of the finest greenery, smoked it all plus 8 bottles of goose later.. I woke up in the South of Turkey. With no memory of how I got there.

3. “I thought you could only log onto Portico from Monday to Friday between 10am and 4pm as it says it is only supported at those times… I am now in my 4th year and just realised. Fail”

4. “My tutor asked me if I was interested in joining a “central government department which offers the chance to work abroad”. I said yes. He then presented me with the Official Secrets Act to sign. I shall confess no more, but some tutors really do recruit for ‘them’…”

5. “Once got so drunk in a certain Mayfair club that I stole a girls birthday cake and gave it to the tramp outside”