Back to Uni – The Essentials

The Tab’s checklist will ensure that you are prepared to face the fashion catwalk that is university

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Returning to uni can be a stressful time; boxes upon boxes of stuff that you don’t even know if you’ll actually need and very little storage space in your new room. Was bringing that Cath Kidston floral apron really necessary? Here are the few fashion essentials you’ll never regret bringing with you:

1. Rucksack.

Bags are always a dilemma when coming to university: designer handbag or casual tote? Leather or canvas? Satchel or rucksack? I can safely say rucksack. Whatever people may say about them being so ‘in’ right now, they are also genuinely a must-pack. Not only can you fit everything in them, even gym stuff if you try, they are oh-so-comfortable on your back and help you avoid looking like a helpless bag lady. However, try to keep away from the turtle shell look and knocking people over in coffee shops.

Aztec backpack, Aldo, £40

2. Converse.

My second essential is Converse. If you’re a fresher, there is really no excuse for not walking into Uni, even if you are in Camden, and some form of sneaker is the way to go. There is a vast array of kicks labels available at the moment, you can’t go wrong: Nike or Adidas, Stussy or Obey. Unless of course you wear your gym trainers or spikes with skinny jeans. My best bet is Converse. There are so many colours that you can play it safe or be alternative, however you feel. Plus they look good on both sexes. Perfect for uni.

Turquoise Converse, Office, £46.99

3. Raincoat

Despite basking in blistering heat during my own freshers’ week, this year the weather took a different turn. I did spot a few people braving wellies (even a Burberry pair!!) around campus last week, but the most striking was a bright turquoise, hooded raincoat from Miss Selfridge. Not only is it a stand-out statement piece but, with the irregularity of London weather, it also works a hell of a lot better than a UCL hoodie or an umbrella from poundland.

Patent raincoat, Miss Selfridge, £25

4. Sunglasses.

Although this highly contrasts the previous item, sunglasses are also an essential whilst studying at UCL. Yes, the rain did gush down during freshers, but then suddenly the sun came out as it always does in London. And there is nothing worse than being hungover on the bus with the morning sun blaring into your eyes through the window. First world problem I know.

Cat-eye sunglasses, Asos, £12

5. Ankle boots.

Another dilemma university presents is what to wear on a night out. We’ve all had the awkward moment in a club of standing next to someone wearing denim shorts and pumps while you have opted for a tight dress and heels. A pair of chunky, mid-heeled ankle boots provides the perfect solution. They can be dressed down with jeans and an oversized winter coat for campus style, but can also be teamed with a skirt or dress for a more casual party approach to a Thursday night at Proud.

Studded heeled boots, New Look, £34.99

6. Onesie

Finally, I have only recently discovered the onesie. And it is a beautiful miracle.

Leopard onesie, Topshop, £18