The Tab does Refreshers Week 2012

It’s here, it’s now. Get ready. Tab Refreshers 2012 is upon us.

Freshers Week isn’t just for first years. This year, The Tab has sent one of our finest reporters into the midst; he’s your eyes and ears on everything Koko and Ministry of Sound. Luke, our Deputy Editor will be feeding back on their ‘refreshers’ experiences.


What a Lad

Luke, 20, spent 18 years trying to escape from Northern Ireland which I achieved by coming to UCL in 2010. Currently going into 3rd year studying Politics and East European Studies at SSEES. Lover of cheap red wine, chocolate brazil nuts and knitted jumpers. Frustrated professional footballer and occasional amateur hack.

Koko or Ministry of Sound?

Koko- I hate both of them so the fact that I can walk home from Koko definitely gives it the edge over two busses home from Ministry. Plus Ministry is actually grubbier than Moonies.

Hangover or waking up to someone you don’t know.

Hangover- although sometime in the past anything has seemed like a better alternative to a hangover.

 Absinthe or whiskey?

Whiskey- Anything that’s known as the water of life in Ireland can’t be a bad thing. And I’ve seen the after affects of too much absinthe and they’re not at all pretty.

 Ramsay or Ifor?

I was in James Lighthill House- the halls that time forgot- so I’ve only heard the wild rumours about Ramsay in freshers week. I’ll go for Ifor, since it’s in Camden and Camden is epic (especially King of Falafel).

 Moonies or Roxy?

Hard choice but it comes down to the fact that on a Saturday at Roxy they play the Grease Medley to close with. And their wide range of cheesy music on other nights too. Can’t beat a bit of cheese.

Death or Kings?

Is death another drinking game? Or just the experience of death? Either way I’ll take Kings- unless death doesn’t involve a dirty pint. I that case I’ll take death.

Grey Goose or Absolute? 

Absolute- I just couldn’t trust a French vodka. Or any vodka at £30 a bottle for that matter.

But we that’s not all. This is The Tab so we devised a range of challenges and tasks which they can complete. The one with the highest score wins…

1 point for rejection.

1 point for every unit.

5 points for being slapped.

5 points for every photo-bomb/photo taken with girls from the club photographer.

5 points for persuading a fresher that you’re an international student from Malaysia.

10 points for persuading a fresher that you’re the Earl of Cirencester.

10 points for coming to your senses and growing up.

10 points for getting a photo on your own personal phone with a Fresher.

15 points for pulling.

15 points for bringing home an item of a freshers clothing.

50 points for getting kicked out.

100 points for serious injury to self or others.

200 points for hitting on a bouncer.

These aren’t exclusive, however, to our reporters. If you’re also doing Refreshers and fancy completing a few challenges, we’ll give you a bottle of wine if you hit 200 points. We’ll need photo evidence. If you’ve got anything to tell us, email us at [email protected] .