UCL Students caught up TCR crisis

UCL students were caught up in the disruption on Tottenham Court Road


Drama fit for the Bloomsbury Theatre erupted today on Tottenham Court Road, leaving UCL students stranded and exams cancelled.

The disruption was caused by a man walking into the HGV offices above Starbucks, where he reportedly had gas canisters and threatened to blow himself up.

Police cordoned off most of Tottenham Court Road, causing chaos, with UCL buildings in close proximity to the incident being evacuated.

Residents of Ramsay Hall were denied entry back into the building as University St and Maple St were absorbed into the cordoned area. At time of publication Maple St was still blocked off, yet many students have been seen ignoring the police barriers and heading home for dinner.

Meanwhile the Twittersphere lit up a with messages from worried students about exam cancellations and evacuations.

Students who were taking exams at 188 Tottenham Court Road this morning were forced to cut short their answers as police ordered an evacuation of the building halfway through the exam.

A source told The Buzz that a Finals History exam was also called off halfway through, with students left unable to sit a retake, despite being blameless for the disruption. A fourth year Engineering Final was evacuated half way through.

A Maths exam taking place in the Jeremy Bentham Room this afternoon and a Tort Law exam at the American Church were also cancelled.

UCL has promised to take the disruption into account when marking the exam papers, however this is not much comfort for students who feel cheated of their opportunity to do their best in such important exams.

Cancelled exams have been postponed until the end of term.