Top Ten Websites for Procrastination

Let’s face it, you’re not working now so you might as well give in…

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*DISCLAIMER: The Buzz is not responsible for any effects that ensue after reading this article. These may include (but are not limited to): failed exams, retraction from society and incessant-clicking-syndrome.*


10 . TheCHIVE

Self-declared as ‘Probably the Best Site in the World’ is a bit ambitious I think, as it just squeezes onto my list at number 10. What makes this site worth exploring, however, is its collection of the best photobombers around the world, who manage to transform the most boring of photos into quality humour for the masses. There’s also a section dedicated to ‘Hot Women’. Whatever.

9. Textsfromlastnight

Ahh the joys of being inebriated. Some hilariously wonderful, and hilariously not so wonderful, things happen when we are intoxicated out of our minds. Lucky for us, we have the internet to record every single moment of our drunken mishaps and are even treated to quasi-live updates of all the action. Textsfromlastnight tell of the most ridiculous, tragic yet laughter-inducing stories of the previous evening. However, you could be scrolling through some pretty dull, repetitive ‘walked-in-on-my-girlfriend-cheating’ stories on the ‘daily updates’ pages, so go straight to ‘all time’ favourites to discover the real comedy gold.


8. Wikipedia

Wait what? If I’m on Wikipedia surely I’m NOT procrastinating. And yet, somehow you are. Those blue words are gateways to temptation; portholes to dimensions of knowledge you never knew existed. One minute you’re reading about Political Philosophy in the European Renaissance, the next you’re on Ryan Gosling’s page (again). But the next time this happens to you, do not despair, just embrace the fact you have this unlimited source of information at your fingertips and that by using it, you are expanding your mind far beyond the parameters of that textbook in front of you. 


7. Moillusions


Do you like to stare at things until your eyes go funny? Don’t worry you’re not the only one. Mind-blowing visual delights await you here and with daily updates, you’ll soon find yourself checking it on the regular. The best thing about this site is that it amalgamates virtual tricks with photography, art and video – some of which can be truly breathtaking. 


6. StumbleUpon

Perhaps more well known within master procrastinating circles, but still deserves a mention. First of all, this is a proper website. High quality graphics, no dodgy adverts and you even need to REGISTER to waste your time. But it’s well worth it for those amongst you who are fed up of the ‘pointless’ viral internet crap and just want to look at nice, interesting things. Simply tick all the things that interest you, and click stumble. So easy and so addictive.


5. The Impossible Quiz

“Psht, an Impossible Quiz? I got to UCL bro, nothing’s impossible…” WRONG. This quiz is infuriating, ridiculous, entertaining and above all, absolutely impossible to complete. And yet one of the most addictive things you’ll find on the internet, as you end up playing it over and over again just to see what future questions could possibly throw at you. 


4. Buzzfeed

Those weird yet fascinating stories you’re almost ashamed that you clicked on can all be found on buzzfeed. These articles are based on topics trending on the web; so if you want to keep up to date with the aforementioned ‘viral internet crap’, everything you need to know is here. Some examples of content? Well it ranges, from ‘Vagine Cuisine, The Oral Sex Flavour Enhancer’ to ‘The Strange and Secret Battle Between Cats and Watermelons’. So evidently, it doesn’t matter what your interests are as hours of your life can somehow be wasted away on buzzfeed. Also, it has a great name.


3. Text From Dog

Texts between a dog and its owner. Simple yet genius. 

2. Sporcle

I apologise now for ruining your degree. Sporcle is (almost) the most addictive and stimulating website on the internet. And anyway, who needs exams? If you can handle Sporcle, you have passed the only test that matters… the test of life. Every question that could possibly be asked about every topic that could possibly exist can be found somewhere within the headings, sub categories and extended lists of the Sporcle world. The sheer magnitude of content is more than enough to satiate your desire to put off work. And you can kind of eliminate the guilt factor since a lot of these quizzes are intellectually fulfilling. Kind of?


1. The Buzz

I know, I know, all you really want from a website are great articles, written by great people, on interesting topics relevant to your life as a UCL student. You want a website which is updated regularly so you wake up in the morning to find some fresh new content, ready to amuse, enrich and inject the odd dose of controversy. Lucky for you, The Buzz is all that and much more, so let us entertain you with all the latest news, views, reviews…and sport. What more could you want?