The 5 pairs of shoes worn by a Medic

A refletion on how your footwear choice distinctly influences your degree.

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I love shoes. I have high shoes, sparkly shoes, fluorescent shoes (please don't judge), but not any 'functional' shoes. Which is why, judging from my experience of living with them, I could never be a Medic.

1. Loafers

Medics did this before it was cool. But with socks (probably in a neutral colour). Perfect for day wear, and probably from Clarks, the shiny loafer is comfy and classy at the same time.

2. The Classic Court

For a more formal occasion (and probably purchased for that daunting UCL interview) your humble medic reaches for the classic court shoe. Polished to perfection, with a heel of no more than 2 inches, the logic behind this one is: if it was acceptable for prep-school it is acceptable for patients.

3. Something Suede

Putting the fun into FUNctional, the suede shoe is both sophisticated and casual. Personifying superior job prospects and your fuzzy caring nature, the only thing you need to worry about is the alcohol staining from that infamous RUMS party!

4. The 'well loved' Trainers
Everyone has down days, even those with an overbearing workload. But why invest in something new, when you could wear something comfy, that you've had for years and is more like an old friend? An added bonus is the rebellious release from all of those clinical hygiene procedures…

5. The Novelty Slipper

It's a common UCL legend that medics love to party, and even when hard at work in their rooms there is a party going on – on their feet. A good pair of novelty slippers, sent lovingly by Mum and Dad, keep you cheerful, and are a bit of light relief. Who doesn't want to see a smiling Homer Simpson gazing lovingly from your extremities when the thought of stitching up live human flesh is becoming a little too much?